Eden Eternal Crafting Guide

Eternal Eden is a free to play MMOPRG from publisher Aeria Games. Check out the Eternal Eden Crafting Guide below:

Eternal Eden’s crafting is done through the help of craft masters located in the Holy City of Aven and inside the Eden Eternal (guild towns).

Steps to Crafting
1. Purchase a blueprint. It is from a blueprint vendor found all around the Holy city.

2. Gather Materials.
For equipment (weapons and armor) blueprint visit the merchants around 290, 551.
For magical instruments (guitars and magic staff) visit 254, 456.
For accessories visit the crafts merchant (rings, necklaces) at 266, 523.
For the pharmaceuticals (buff potions and gems) visit the merchant at 276, 489.

3. Check out the materials you need. Take a look at the blueprint. The top part lists all the materials required for you to construct your equipment.

Read the full Crafting Guide courtesy of MMOSITE

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