Project R1 by Kim Hak Kyu

Project R1 is a new MMORPG by IMC Games which was founded by the so called Father of Ragnarok Online, Kim Hak Kyu. Due to the success of Ragnarok Online worldwide, Project R1 is being considered as one of the sequels to Ragnarok Online by some people in the gaming industry. Kim Hak Kyu not only works as the founder and CEO of IMC Games, but also devotes himself to the development of Project R1. Will it be as successful as RO? Time will tell if MMO players will agree.

Project R1 will be developed as a casual martial arts MMORPG, quite a bit different from IMC Games’ last project – Granado Espada, that shapes a virtual society based on human relationships and communication. Project R1 is juts one of the game featured at Korea’s Hangame EX, which was held for the third time between May 13th and May 14th.

Author: Kiven
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