Disgaea 4 announced for the Sony PS3

Nippon Ichi Software, makers of all things Disgaea, has just announced that the next iteration in their awesome strategy RPG series Disgaea 4 will be coming to North America for the Sony PlayStation 3. Disgaea 4 is tentatively scheduled to be released in the summer of 2011. Enough time for me to catch up with the Disgaea series on the PS3 by finishing Disgaea 3 first.


According to Nippon Ichi, Disgaea 4 will be using a brand new graphics engine. The new Disgaea 4 engine will emphasize the anime-style visuals the series is known for. Not surprisingly, new battle system features are also in the works. If they can make it as awesome and complex as those in Zettai Hero Project, then color me excited. The Japanese release will see Disgaea fans getting standard and limited editions, priced respectively at ¥7,140 and ¥9,975. The Disgaea 4 limited edition includes goodies including a soundtrack CD, an art book, and a Nendoroid figure. Preordering either version nets you a character download.

Watch the Disgaea 4 Trailer after the jump.

Disgaea 4 Trailer

Disagaea 4 Japanese site: http://disgaea.jp/4/

Thanks to Nippon Ichi for the information via email!

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