Are these the Nintendo 3DS Specs?

IGN has reported that the Nintendo 3DS will pack not one, but two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, along with a 133MHz GPU, 4MBs of dedicated VRAM, 64MBs of RAM, and 1.5GBs of flash storage. The information comes from persons familiar with the hardware who spoke to IGN under the condition of anonymity.

According to IGN: currently there are a number of devices being powered by the ARM11, including the Zune HD, a variety of Android smartphones, and prior to the introduction of Apple’s A4 processor, the iPhone and iPod touch. Also, the Nintendo 3DS’ GPU has been named as the DMP’s PICA200, which features a maximum processing speed of roughly 200MHz, though it seems Nintendo is scaling it back a bit for use in the 3DS. Numerous developers working on software for the platform have likened its graphical capabilities to current-generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, albeit on smaller, lower-resolution screens. Check out videos on Youtube for samples of how good the PICA200 graphics are.

The Nintendo 3DS will also have substantially larger storage capacity than preceding models, jumping from only 256MBs on the DSi to 1.5GBs of flash memory on the 3DS. The total drive space can, of course, be expanded using the 3DS’ SD card slot.

Are you excited by the 3DS? Personally, i want to see new games and new characters and game systems on the 3DS, nto rehashes of Nintendo’s glorious past.

Source: IGN

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