The Sims: Medieval announced

It looks like EA has a lot more in store for the Sims franchise as they unveiled a new game called The Sims: Medieval! Yep, Sims: Medieval is a brand new Sims game set in the days of swords and sorcery. Note that Medieval is not an expansion to The Sims 3 that merely allows your suburban sims into fantasy land, but it is a standalone game with kings, castles, knights, wizards, quests and more!


IMHO The Sims has gotten a bit stale in the past iterations but it is good to see EA trying to see if the Sims formula will work in other settings. Me? I’m waiting for The Sims: Galaxy, The Sims: Outer Space or something…wait..i think they already released that as SPORE =)

Author: Kiven
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