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Gourmet Ranch is one of the fastest growing Facebook games today. Created by Playdemic, a newcomer in the game-making market of one of the largest social networks in the world, Gourmet Ranch is a combination of two popular Zynga game concepts – farming from Farmville, and restaurant-running from Cafe World. Awesome, right?

Gourmet Ranch By Playdemic Combines Two Zynga Games In One
Basically with Gourmet Ranch, you will own a restaurant that is strictly organic. Yes, you’d have to farm all of the ingredients you’ll need in a dish including crops, animals, and trees. Then can you only cook up and serve dishes in your restaurant which may be set indoor or outdoor.

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But the game won’t be forcing you to produce your own fresh veggies and fruits and fat farm animals. With Playdemic’s Gourmet Ranch, you can get the best of both worlds or just either of them.

Players who prefer to stick to the Farmville concept have the option of solely planting and reaping crops, and selling their produce to players who may have chosen the restaurant joint over farming.

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