4 new playable species in Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare has revealed that each class in Star Wars: The Old Republic will have an optional non-human species option, introducing the Force-wielding Mirialans, Miraluka, Zabraks, and Sith Purebloods. Bioware has already shown the Rattataki Bounty Hunter, Chiss Imperial Agent, and Twi’lek Smuggler. Now BioWare broadens its horizons with four new playable species, each assigned to one particular character class.


I also finally get to see Darth Maul’s people, the Zabrak, making the Sith Inquisitor look both awesome and feared due to facial tattoos and horns, just not as cool as being a Sith Warrior of Sith Pureblood descent.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is looking like the MMORPG that will finally get me back to online gaming after WoW =)

Author: Kiven
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