RaiderZ is a new MMORPG game from the developers behind online shooter GunZ, Neowiz. Raiderz is currently undergoing internal testing and a public beta for Korea is planned some time in 2011. RaiderZ will be relying on non-targeted combat to test player skill and control in order to defeat unique monsters that inhabit the game world.

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RaiderZ gameplay consists of fighting tough battles against large boss style monsters similiar to the Monster Hunter franchise. Encounters will eventually resemble a boss raid with each monster type exhibiting unique behaviours and will require a strategy to defeat. RaiderZ is planned to be class-free, which means players can mix and match over 350 skills that will be available for Open Beta. The main aim is to avoid the restrictions of the traditional systems and give players a choice in how they want to play the game.

Main RaiderZ features after the jump.

The main features of “RaiderZ”  are:

  • The gameplay is based on what’s recently called the “Non-Targeting”. This is not to go along with the recent game trend in Korea but as described before we wanted to make a “MMORPG like GunZ”. “MMORPG like GunZ” doesn’t necessarily mean that the characters should run along the wall or does k-style – Yes, you cannot do that in RaiderZ. It is a gameplay which requires user’s skill and control to hit and evade as shown on the screen at the mouse cursor less environment. Our development team had to struggle for quite some time due to the inconvenience and lack of immediacy and the difficulty of development of the “Non-Targeting” feature.
  • The game play mainly consists of fighting against large monsters called “Epic Monsters”. This doesn’t mean that there are only large monsters in the game.  Like other MMORPG games, the users can fight against small & regular sized monsters and there are many quests related to those monsters. But as the game systems, the game leads to have battles with large monsters and our goal is to be fun even just with that.
  • The monsters or quests won’t give any equipment or money as reward. Even the shops will have limited types of items and the users will have to find the “Artisan” NPCs to acquire the items. We wanted to make the item collecting fun and convenient, in order to give infinite motivations to play for the game players.
  • There are NO class system.  But among over 350 skills(for Open Beta version) the users can use points to the skills that the user wish to learn and create a character of their own. Our intention is to break out the restrictions of other traditional MMORPG system and enhance the quality of gameplay experience. For example we want to make it possible to have a magician to use “Fireball” wearing plate armor or a priest who can use “Sneak”.

Korean Gamesite for RaiderZ:

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