Metal Gear cameos in Front Mission Evolved

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker creator Hideo Kojima and game publisher Square Enix are working together on toys and game crossovers, like Metal Gear’s cameo in Front Mission Evolved. The collaboration between the two appears to be primarily focused around in game accessories for your Wanzer in FME.

More about Metal Gear Wanzer stickers in Froint Mission Evolved after the jump.

In Square Enix’s upcoming Front Mission Evolved, you’ll be able to decorate your Wanzer, giant mechs you’ll control in-game, with Metal Gear: Peace Walker and Kojima Productions decals. Sure, it would have been badass to be able to play an actual Metal Gear against the mechs of FME or even cooler to have the option to use Solid Snake as a character but i’ll settle for that Foxhound logo.

Author: Kiven
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