Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez dance at the 2010 MTV Video Movie Awards

Check out the youtube video of Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez Dancing at the 2010 MTV Video Movie Awards. Tom Cruise is dressed up as his character in the comedy Tropic Thunder, the rockin’ media mogul Les Grossman.

WOW! 2 things come to mind: Jennifer Lopez is SMOKIN’ HOT and my respect level for Tom Cruise just went up after that performance. Awesome number.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez dance at the 2010 MTV Video Movie Awards

  1. Yeah, Jennifer Lopez is an excellent performer and singer! Including a great actress, she’s one of the people who have been famous for the right reasons!

  2. Jennifer Lopez is very beautiful. there is nothing wrong with her. she has two beautiful kids! Maybe someday i’ll meet her and her kids will be the age i am now

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