Did Sharp just unveil Nintendo’s new 3DS touchscreen?

Did Sharp just Unveil Nintendo’s new 3DS touch screen? It sure looks like it. Sharp’s newest touchscreen boasts unrivaled brightness and a clear upgrade in resolution. It also enables users to switch between 2d and 3d modes without requiring the use of special glasses. Now where did i hear that before?. Nothing is confirmed at this point as Nintendo wasnt even announced in the PR. I’m sure we will be hearing more about this touchscreen and the graphics engine of the new Nintendo 3DS in the days leading up to E3.

Sharp says: “This 3D LCD significantly improves image quality by achieving both high brightness and low crosstalk thanks to advances in CG-Silicon technology and optimization of the parallax barrier. Advances in CG-Silicon technology have doubled the brightness (to 500 cd/m2, the industry‚Äôs highest) compared to the conventional model. Also, the thickness of the LCD module is about the same as conventional 2D displays even though it is a touchscreen display. As 3D images can be displayed in both portrait and landscape screen orientations, it is ideal for sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones.”

Thanks to Nintendo and Sharp for lifting me out of my personal Holy week doldrums. Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I cant wait for the new Nintendo 3DS. Read the full story here

Author: Kiven
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