Sony PlayStation Philippines launch event

Sony Philippines has announced that they are holding their first official PlayStation event in the Philippines on March 27-28 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City. You know what this means right? A legit local presence by one of the 3 biggest console makers in the world means (hopefully) lower prices as well as official reachable technical support for the Playstation brand. Even with the rampant piracy in the country, it’s interesting to see Sony dive into the local gaming waters and market their Playstation family. Sony 1, MS and Nintendo 0.

According to the PlayStation Philippines facebook page, expect to see cosplay contests, organized PS3 and PSP tourneys, and lots of giveaways during the event. Playstation 3 consoles and other PlayStation products will also be sold onsite. Be early as possible the first 100 PS3 buyers will earn discounts and premium items courtesy of Sony Philippines.

Official site of the Playstation Sony Launch:

Surely, we’ll get to meet some Sony fanboys at the event (you know who you are, kiddies) but if you’re like me, you will be attending this event as this will be the closest thing we have to a console launch in the country. And for those keeping track, yes this is a momentous gaming event that shouldnt be missed unless you hate Sony’s guts. =)

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