Dragon Age Gift Guide

Check out this Dragon Age Companion Gift Guide. Get to know which party members love what Gift item. Maximize your relationships in Dragon Age to unlock bonus abilities and boost statistics.

has a simple fondness for jewelry and is very particular about her appearance

– Black Grimoire
– Flemeth’s Grimoire
– Gold Amulet
– Golden Demon Pendant
– Golden Mirror
– Golden Rope Necklace
– Locket
– Silver Brooch
– Silver Chain
– Silver Medallion
– Tribal Necklace

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enjoys higher-priced religious jewelry or a random critter

– Andraste’s Grace
– Bronze Symbol of Andraste
– Chantry Amulet
– Etched Silver Symbol
– Golden Symbol of Andraste
– Nug
– Silver Sword of Mercy
– Steel Symbol of Andraste


has an eye for paintings

– Painting of a Rebel Queen
– Portrait of a Goosegirl
– Silver Framed Still-Life
– Sten’s Sword
– Totem
– Water-stained Portrait


enjoys collecting books, scrolls, and other pieces of history


– Gold Bars
– Silver Bars
– Dalish Gloves
– Antivan Leather Boots


– Runestones (Black, White)
– Statuettes
– Duncan’s Shield
– Alistair’s Mother’s Amulet


loves to drink


any of nine “remarkable” gemstones


Loghain Mac Tir
loves maps


loves bones

Source: Guide courtesy of Gabotron from the TPC forums

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