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Rising from the ashes of the Mythos MMORPG and Flagship Studios is Torchlight, a action rpg/ dungeon crawler by Runic Games who are composed of veteran developers from the Diablo, Fate and Mythos games. Torchlight by Runic Games is a very good dungeon crawler with a flexible and extensive loot system and fun combat. I think Torchlight will be very well received by players to love the grind and loot collection aspect of action RPGs. It ain’t Diablo 3 but it holds its own against other pretenders to the action RPG throne.

On to my thoughts about Torchlight…

Graphics and Sound
While Torchlight may not have realistic graphics, it shines in the artistic department in the same way that WoW did against other realistic MMORPGs. Torchlight boasts some really good character models and effects, with a bit of that painted kind of look to make it stand out in the crowd. The spell effects capture the essence of the spells and the developers have done a good job on the background music and sound effects.

System Performance
Torchlight was made with netbooks in mind, it scales the graphics down to match most netbook specs. On the high end side, there was a bit of stuttering when a lot of enemies and spell effects are in one scene but mostly the game runs pretty well. You might notice some tearing but simply enable vsync to fix this, although this slows the game down for lower end rigs.

I love the loot system and the infinite dungeon feature of Torchlight. Similiar to Disgaea’s Item World, you can run through countless randomly generated dungeons till your character retires, and thus gives bonus to your next created character, or until he/she hits the level cap of 100. If you played Diablo, Fate, Titan Quest then you know the drill. Kill monsters, get loot, level up and kill more powerful monster. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. As they say, don’t fix what ain’t broke.

Torchlight is only 20usd yet it will consume a lot of your waking hours. A lot of value for the price. A must buy for Diablo and Action RPG fans. Torchlight Score: 8/10

Author: Kiven
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5 thoughts on “Torchlight Review

  1. i complete it for total of less than 12hours. thats just too short. diablo 1 had longer playtime. i don’t think it proper for $20. maybe $10 is better tag.

  2. dude,

    you may have completed the game in 12 hours (i did it in 10 btw) but you dont stop playing these games once the main story is completed. you didnt stop playing diablo when you beat baal in d2, you rerolled or fought through the higher difficulties and you maybe farmed a certain boss numerous times.

    20usd for this game is a steal. and im not the only one saying that. =)

  3. I actually love the game. Still haven’t finished it. I heard they’re going to turn this into an MMO. I wonder what the business model will be?

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