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Wondering what class to choose in Aion Online? Looking for Aion Class guides? Some players treat MMOs like Aion too seriously especially when choosing classes, doing dps calculations and power level curve formulas. This Aion Class guide shows the fun side of choosing a class and enjoying the game as it was meant to be. BTW Aion Class Build guides soon in a next installment.

Read on for the fun way of picking which class to play in Aion Online:

Find out if your personality matches those of the described classes:

Assassin (Scout) melee DPS:
Shhh! Hide behind a rock or a Templar and jump out to one-shot your enemies. Hazaaah you just one-shotted that Sorcerer, but his Sorcerer friend sees you and it’s game over unless you have a Cleric. Think of yourself as a sawed off shotgun with one-three bullets. You basically pop in kill, run away and reload, and wait for your next chance to pop in and kill. You’re pretty much that sneaky player who always says “Did you see that crit?” Unlike others who enjoy face-to-face combat you enjoy face-to-back, yes, if wish to excel you must love the backside.

Chanter (Priest) melee DPS/Healer:
Hmmm, what if a gladiator and a Cleric had a baby? Poof, a baby chanter is born. You cannot hit as hard as a Gladiator or heal as much as a Cleric, but hey at least you can dps and heal. Although it may sound bad, people will seek you, as you offer buffs for whichever group takes you. Against other players you prove to be a formidable opponent, but one false move can send you to your death.

Cleric (Priest) Healer:
Likes to be surrounded by friends all the time and is always wanted in a group or legion. Can save people from anything . . . including death. You aren’t crazy about high damage or high crits you just want to keep your friends alive by keeping their hp up. You will often be targeted by the enemy, but it’s ok as long as you have friends and if it is a 1v1 fight your high armor and heals will save you. You will make friends quick, but enemies quicker if you refuse to waste your MP buffing strangers saying “Hey, buff me now! kthxbye!” Also, your friends will be quick to turn on you. If the tank dies, it’s your fault, if the Assassin dies, it’s your fault, if you beat the boss the credit goes to others, but you know they love you . . . deep down.

Gladiator (Warrior) melee DPS/off Tank:
You like big swords? You like hitting 20 people in one swing? You like wearing bulky heavy armor? Oh yea, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen the movie, now you can be one too! You may not do the most damage or even be the best tank, but hey you are still a force to be reckoned with. You will find yourself doing less damage than a Sorcerer or Assassin, but unlike them you can actually take more than 5 hits without dying. You are a weaponmaster with the ability to wield almost anything.

Ranger (Scout) ranged DPS:
Shoot a Gladiator in the face with an arrow and watch gleefully as he sprints at you falling into your well-placed glue trap. You then transform into a Mau Templar and it’s game over for the gladiator. But oh no, a Sorcerer is coming at you, no worries, you have a longer attack range so you can get the first hit and plan another assault. Your fast attacks make you a force to be reckoned with, but if someone gets in your face, you better head for the hills.

Sorcerer (Mage) ranged DPS:
20 enemies all in one place . . . perfect. You will nuke them with your awesome area effect spell greatly damaging them, but you have to be careful because when they come at you it’s gonna hurt . . . bad. You also have many crowd controlling spells in your arsenal that allow you to gtfo when in trouble. One false move or evaded spell can send you to your grave. You better enjoy the “attack from afar” strategy as that is all you will doing. BOOM, SIZZLE, awwwww yea, you will enjoy your awesome magic effects and explosions.

Spiritmaster (Mage) ranged DPS:
Hmph! You don’t feel like killing this flamingo looking thing, so you bust out a massive Fire Spirit to do it for you. Ah yes, elementals to carry out your tasks mwahaha! Although you only have one at a time, your elemental can make leveling seem like a joke with minimal downtime. Unlike your Sorcerer brethren you choose to not live in solitude and sure he can probably beat you 1v1 but with an elemental on your side the outcome is unpredictable, perhaps even in your favor.

Templar (Warrior) Tank:
Rwaaarrr! You are invincible . . . kinda. You can even survive big hits from elite mobs. Your best friend is a healer, but others will seek you out to help them take down even larger bosses. When you see your friends get beat up you can dash in and stun your enemy allowing your friends to escape safely. You are pretty weak though. Most classes will be able to do more damage than you, maybe even the Cleric. Someone at some point will call you a “meat shield”.

Source: Atoria from the AionSource forums

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3 thoughts on “Class Guide for Aion Online

  1. Very nice write up! I’m downloading the game now and your creative guide made it all the more exciting… now I can’t hardly wait for this to download and get installed!!!!

  2. wrong info about glad
    who says glad is 2nd to templar in tanking? in defense yes
    defense if diff from tanking
    sin or glad if much more prefered tank than a temp if u know how
    who says ranger will gleefully watch glad
    most ranger tremble in fear when being chased by a glad

    you may enjoy watching this glad try searching in youtube
    “parris gladiator” just put it on the search

    same server kami nyan perwisyong totoo
    pero reni-respeto ko sya kasi malakas talaga

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