Champions Online Patch Notes 081909

The Champions Online Open Beta has started and as with any MMO, we are getting a new pacth for bug fixing and other enhancements. Players have been experiencing issues downloading and patching the game but do you expect with 40K+ people downloading the patch and or client at the same time.

Check out my first characters, one is a female gunslinger/ammunitions exper while the second is my Male power armor character.

powerarmor femalegunslinger

A review and more screenshots of the Champions Online Beta will be posted on this blog soon but in the meanwhile read up on the latest patchnotes:

Patch Note Topics


  • Fixed flickering of logo splash screen.
  • Fixed not being able to throw objects while in range of another type of interaction.
  • Fixed ability to hue shift some powers.
  • Destroids was mis-typed in several places as Desdroids. This has been fixed.

User Interface and Chat

  • Added long descriptions to the tooltips for buffs and debuffs, if available.
  • Fixed a bug in the global UI scaling that was causing some elements to be larger or smaller than intended.
  • Retcon UI can now be closed with the Esc key and has a close button.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect icons showing on some interact prompt list rows.
  • Improved layout of delete character dialog and inventory discard UI.
  • Perk icon shows center screen when received.
  • Can’t drag from empty bag slot anymore; bag slot stays looking disabled when bag moved out of it.
  • Clicking an emote will no longer click through.
  • Trainer UI will now display the Powers menu if you have an energy builder point.


  • Invocation of Storm Calling debuffs now improve as you rank up.
  • Sigils of Ebon Weakness now improve as you rank them up.
  • Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary now use the same recharge rules as the other Sigils.
  • Binding of Aratron custom advantage now drains energy from your target instead of restoring it.
  • Arcane Vitality’s self heal now ranks up.
  • Eldritch Blast – Sorcerer’s Whim advantage now works against all held targets.
  • Eldritch Shield’s release effect now ranks up in effectiveness.
  • General fixes to Fire and Gadgeteering powers.


  • Fixed open missions: Burden of the Beastmen and Undead on Arrival.

Hero Games

  • Moved items on the Hero Games vendors around; now one vendor sells all Primary upgrades, while the other sells only Secondary upgrades. This should make it easier to find the pieces you want.
  • El Gato Rojo in Westside (next to Kountry Komics) now sells Hero Games action figures! Dominique Ducard outside of Renaissance Center still sells Hero Games costume unlocks.
  • Fixed a bug where prices in the Hero Games store were 1/10 what they should be (sorry, PvPers!).

Key Known Issues

  • The Powerhouse will allow retcon of up to the ten most recent powers changes to your character.
  • When repurchasing abilities with your existing character you may need to pick up an endurance/free power (Sparks and Dark Bolts are examples from the electricity and darkness trees). These powers are labeled as “Auto” in the power description and do not cost any of your power points to purchase. Please note, you can only have one of these powers.
  • If you do not see powers when you try to purchase them, make sure to click on the show available button and one of the orange boxes at the top of the screen.
  • Some users with old AMD Athlon XP CPUs may encounter an “auto-runs not functioning” crash after starting the launcher.

Known Issues – Powers

  • Due to changes made to how powers are constructed, many of the advantages for powers are currently broken. We will be making an effort to get these fixed as quickly as possible. Please bug any broken powers you come across to help us insure we get each and every one fixed.
  • Powers descriptions are not showing the correct values from Rank 2 to Rank 3.
  • Engaging a character’s travel power will increase the energy cost of all other powers. This might make some powers too expensive to use while the travel power is active. This is as designed.
  • Power House: Last window to be accessed for training opens and closes rapidly when selected.

Known Issues – Character Creation

  • The UI does not update for the Ragdoll or the Portrait window.
  • Female avatar has an unusual stance.

Known Issues – UI

  • UI is under construction. If you see anything that overlaps or is not viewable or accessible, bug it.
  • When using Need/Greed loot mode, defeated mobs turn into shark models.
  • Scoreboards are not appearing in PVP matches.
  • Millennium City map art is not appearing.
  • Task windows for the Crime Computer and Missions occasionally pulsate.
  • Dragging a bag icon to a new slot leaves a copy of the icon; dragging it back leaves a “?” in its place.
  • Tooltip: Secondary offense tooltip is showing up improperly.

Known Issues – Gameplay

  • Not all sound effects are in the game. If you feel an element is missing sfx, bug it.
  • Occasionally, after exiting water, a character will still appear to be swimming. Sometimes, if you move your character back into and out of the water, the “swimming on land” effect goes away.
  • Sometimes, if a character breaks aggro with an enemy, that enemy will not re-aggro the character.

Known Issues – Chat

  • Chat window freaks out when user tries to resize it.
  • Clicking Reset All on chat options deletes user-created tabs.

Resolved Issues

  • There is no icon for selecting a female character.
  • When in the Powerhouse, spending all available points in a category closes the window instead of returning to category select window.
  • Powers bar in Build choice window only displays for Build #1.
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