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Psy Wizard Guide by Endi

psy wizard? one of the hardest to build up from the start. you wont have enough int and the basic atk skills are based on int except for one skill. psy wizards are getting power on higher lvls after you can grab most of your wizard skills.

facts you should know about psy wizards:
-low normal attack damage
-low damage in PvP
-avarage damage in PvE under lvl 50 (can still outdamage most of the other classes)
-godly AOE capabilitys in PvE on higher lvls
-godly buffs/debuffs in PvP on higher lvls

stat build pre lvl 50:
you need int, doesnt matter what lvl you are, you need some decent int to power up your magic attack based skills. get 80 base int. so when you start the game with your mage, add 3 int and 1 vit each lvlup. you can play with the recommanded 50 base int, but it makes your game way harder from lvl 20 to 65. 70-80 int is all you need as a psy wizard and if you get it early on, you can “survive” the lower lvls easily.
(for those who can pay for the game, you should go with 3int/1vit then restat at lvl 58-70: 40-50 base int, rest is 3psy/1vit)

statbuild at lvl 15 (if you added 3 int/1vit each lvl):
add one point to int to reach 80 and put the rest on vit. from now on, get 3psy/1vit each lvlup till you reach lvl 50.

skill build pre lvl 50:
you MUST have a lot of skillpoints saved for the wizards skills so i recommend getting this skill build for lower lvls.
this can be accomplished at lvl 31. if you spend more skillpoints, you damage your skillbuild after 50 and you cannot correct it till lvl 65 (you get Erease Ability at lvl 65). IMPORTANT: DONT TRY TO UPGRADE ANY SKILL TO LVL 6.
(for those who can pay for the game this doesnt matter as you are able to full skillreset at any time, if you do it, i recommend doing it at lvl 58 to have all your psy nukes. Multi Magic Arrow isnt a good skill till high lvls so grab the AOEs and ignore MMA. you can also upgrade your skills to lvl 6 or higher coz the IM skill reset stone wont erease the skill enhencer.)

-stay in the tutorial area till lvl 9-10
-complete ALL quests in the tutorial area
-get vit and int accessories
-MUST have int on the weapon
-good armor is important

stat build after lvl 50:

at lvl 51 you will notice a nice thing, you got 6 statpoints to distribute. you get 6 statpoints for each lvlup till lvl 70. if you concentrate on PvE, get 1 vit each lvlup (rest on psy), if you are planning to PvP a lot you need 2 vit (or even more, depends on your judgement). after lvl 70 you get 8 statpoints each lvl. you can finalise your VIT till lvl 80 or you can just go vith the basic build (1-2 vit each lvl). my personal experience is that the sooner you reach the desired vit, the better coz your damage is a no factor in PvP and its still one of the best the game can offer in PvE.

IMPORTANT: after lvl 58, switch to psy boosting accessories (but dont sacrifice your survivability so have some vit accs for hard situations too)

skill build after lvl 50:
if you saved the statpoints as i suggested, this is what you should see.
this is a basic PvE oriented wizard skillbuild. PvE because you must lvl so you MUST be able dish out the most possible damage you can do. IMPORTANT: DONT TRY TO UPGRADE ANY SKILL TO LVL 6. Killing Time and Group Mortal Immune are some of the best tactical skills this game can offer. GMI helps to defend yourself (and your party) from crit build players and will protect you from the many crits of mobs in PvE while KT will help you spam AOE dispell and GMI for PvP.
(for paying customers, upgrade Ring Burst, Psy Shield and Add Temper to lvl 6 as soon as possible, Ring Burst for the decreased cooldown, the rest for the added bonuses.)

recommanded skillbuild at lvl 65:
congratz. you reached a lvl where you can freely experiment with your skillbuild. with 1 point in Erease Ability youre able to reset the first skilltree, then add 1 point more to Erease ability (to make it lvl 2) and erease the second tree. IMPORTANT: DONT USE EREASE ABLITY IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST 1 SKILL AT LVL 6, IT WILL ERASE THE SKILL ENHANCER.

here is my opinion about the skillbuild after a skillreset at lvl 65:
yes, Erease Ability is lvl 0 because this skill build is good enough for the rest of your life (i mean the rest of your wizards life in Rohan ^^). with this skill build you got all the damage you need in PvE, and you have what you need for group PvP on mid lvls. you can now upgrade your skills to lvl 6. the most important skill to upgrade is Ring Burst coz lvl 6 is reducing the cooldown to 4 seconds.
(for those who can pay i suggest to upgrade Area Spell and Strike Bash for better PvP performance and Destroy for more damage and longer duration. consider upgrading Wide Pollution too.)

ideal base skill build at lvl 89:
why the 2 crit boosting buffs? shielding. that means when you get debuffed by others (or you dispell yourself by using AOE dispell and templars or warlocks can reflect the dispell back) you can shield the usefull buffs with them (you decrease the chance to lose Almighty or Psy shield, maybe GMI). Portal Warp lvl 3? matter of personal preference, but when youre able to port out your party (lvl 3 makes you able to port during fight) against a much higher lvl invading party, thats a good feeling (i did that 2 nights ago, no one died). Cold Wave? immobilising a hard hitter class (dex guard or a dhan, maybe an unlucky ranger) can be important. it also helps in 1v1. Taming Mind? it is good for 1v1 and it can be really useful to stop a ranger from fleeing in mass PvP.

ideal wizard skill build at lvl 89:
Eternal Darkness is a spectacular skill, will make you able to avoid an unvanted fight. Strike Bash will make your party or guildm8ts have some free hits on the enemy. Reraise is a really useful skill especially in PvP. EDIT: consider getting Magic Refletion on higher lvls. cannot be debuffed and will save you from magic attacks, especially vit dekans hard hitting FFS.

-you need 70-80 base int
-you need int equipment on lower lvls
-you must be able to stay alive while you are AOEing the mobs to oblivion (use vit accessorys, have a nice amount of vit)
-your weapon should boost your int till lvl 50+, then it should boost your psy
-armor comes first, always have a nice armor, its priority over the good weapon
-have a healer with you all the time (they got the necessary buffs to boost your damage)
-play in party as much as you can

check out bladesofwill’s more PvP oriented guide here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=36553

im a lvl 8X (legit) wizard on Silva server. what i wrote is based on my (and some of my friends) personal experience. the last part in this guide is about my aim for higher lvls so its not fully tested. use this guide as a reference, but i do belive that it is good for low and mid lvl players.

-Legault (for his posts on the forum)

SPECIAL THANKS to Aero for the awesome stat/skill calculator.

pls, forgive me for the bad spelling, english is not my “main” ^^

thanks to the playrohan forums

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