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Overlord II is the sequel to the twisted fantasy action adventure that had players being delightfully evil. In Overlord II, a new Overlord and his army of Minions take on an entire empire in a truly epic adventure, inspired by the rise of the Roman Empire. As the Glorious Empire conquers kingdoms and destroys any sign of magic it finds, it’s time to go Minion Maximus and kick some armored behind.

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Overlord 2 offers a lot of options for customization, be it in the form of minion upgrades, spell specializations, and purely aesthetic options like how to decorate your fortress and which of your mistresses you choose to favor.

Worth Playing
Overall, Overlord II is a great follow-up to the original Overlord title, and it’s certainly deserving of being a true sequel.

PLAY Magazine
Ground-breaking visuals (for real) and tons of new gameplay; bigger worlds, more characters, more management, more tactics and more mistresses! Plus a truly inspired original score and no crap online modes!

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