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Check out some reviews of EA’s free to play cartoony World War 2 browser based shooter. What a mouthful…

Heroes isn’t a crap game. In fact, it’s pretty damn spiffy. It’s easily worth putting some time into, and it’s more than worth the $0 price of admission. It may even be worth dropping a couple bucks on a trucker hat and blue face paint if you want to rock the redneck Braveheart look while getting blown up. In fact, the meanest thing I can say about it is that the game’s theme song is one of the most annoying earworms ever inflicted on me by a videogame.

There’s just something about the mix of clean, cartoon visuals and refined multiplayer mechanics that make Battlefield Heroes an absolute blast. The fact you can play it effectively without paying a cent probably helps. Series purists may turn their noses up at the new visual style and slightly more “arcade” feel of the game, but that’s fine. For those people, there’s alway other Battlefield games. That they have to pay for.

For everyone else, though, Battlefield Heroes is a fun, accessible shooter that retains the best strategic elements of the series while making the game appealing to a broader range of people. If EA can add a few more matchmaking/server options to the game, Battlefield Heroes could be one of the sleeper hits of the year on PC.

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