Peter Molyneux’s Milo Brings a Virtual Child to the Xbox 360

Molyneux’s Milo Brings a Virtual Child to the Xbox 360. Now, we aint interacting with just simulated pets but interacting with an environment that mimics the real world. Kinda creepy if you ask me.

Still, it does bring out more emotion out of people. but still creepy…

One of the most stunning moments of the Xbox 360 press conference this morning, was the introduction of Peter Molyneux’s Milo.
Milo appears to be a complex artificial intelligence that you can interact with through the Xbox 360 using it’s recently announced Project Natal motion controller.
Molyneux says Milo can recognize your face, emotions and will interact with you on a very deep level. Of course the demonstration shown off was all taped weeks earlier back at his studio, so we really don’t know just how well this AI child works.

via Kotaku and Gametrailers

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