NeoSteam OBT Impressions

Atlus’ first MMORPG Neosteam has recently undergone it’s Open Beta Test phase, opening up the servers for North American (and pinoy online gamers) to test and play this steampunk MMO. I have been playing the open beta build quite a bit and here are some initial impressions:

The Good

  • Crafting System – familiar yet solid with socketed items, crafting, refining and enhancement features
  • Steampunk – few online games tackle this genre making this a bit refreshing
  • Graphic Settings – love the ability to go low res for slower rigs, or max out the details on your main gaming setup.
  • Visual cues – no more asking around about that quest, it’s marked clearly on your map with
  • Free to Play – item mall based. IM has the usual exp enhancements etc but hopefully it gets more oomph with more powerful items.

The Bad

  • Lag – probably due to servers located in the US, lag is a bit of a problem especially in crowded areas
  • Menu displays – lacking polish, they seem like something from ten years ago with regards to the execution of the UI design
  • Needs a better tutorial system – i do think Neosteam would be better served with a more in depth tutorial system. Especially with the crafting and refining systems.

The Huh?

  • Server Identities – Why do i get the same characters regardless of which server I’m on. I wanna create both an Elerd and a Rogel Fighter. Not necessarily on the same server due to PVP restrictions but at least on a different server.
Author: Kiven
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