Warhammer 40K Action RPG Space Marine announced

THQ have just officially announced Space Marine, a Warhammer 40K Action RPG. No word yet on price, release date or platforms.

A few things to note: while the original material suggested that “THQ Australia” were working on the game, the official announcement says that Dawn of War and Company of Heroes developers Relic are behind it. Strange. Also, while the original title was clearly an action game, this one has really upped the number of on-screen enemies (as you can see in the clip below), in line with its apparent shift in genre from brawler to action-RPG.

Hopefully, it comes out before Diablo 3 =)

Author: Kiven
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1 thought on “Warhammer 40K Action RPG Space Marine announced

  1. i want new online game plz don make a game wher we must up stats or lvl up its stinks we wan to use our skil not waste our time and if this warhammer rpg is not online i am wasting my time typing but i don care i wan an warhammer 40k online game anything will do but i wan to be in a game wher one man can make a diference its a tall order right? i tink its hard, bad word it must be hard but i am onli 18 i dono nothing yet but i know if there is god nothing is impossible in the game i would say for the greater good bcz i support the tau empires ideals n reason to fight but since i m human i say hail the god emperor!!! if its posible make it u can play as a player and a general that is 1 type of game i m planning to make but i need to be very very lucky to hav wat companys like thq or electronic arts hav so u beter make it quick or i wil

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