Neosteam MMORPG goes Open Beta!

Atlus, one of my favorite gaming companies due to their RPG releases, has announced that their first MMORPG venture is now on Open beta. Neosteam is a steampunk MMO, that means you can expect to see magic alongside mechanical gadgetry.

Atlus Online throws open the doors to Neo Steam, launching the open beta test for their first massively multiplayer online offering. JoyImpact’s Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent is the first of many games to be available through Atlus’s online gaming and anime portal. Initially announced in February of this year, the game has passed through the rigors of limited access beta and is now available to play for anyone with a free Atlus Online account.

Licensed to Atlus by HanbitSoft, Neo Steam is a cutesy steampunk game that pits 19th-century steam technology against magic.

via Kotaku.

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