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Dhans are the assassin race in the mmorpg Rohan Online. Blessed with powerful and deadly hits combined with stealth, no wonder they are such popular class choices for newbies and advanced players alike.

Rohan Dhan Class and Character Guides after the jump.

Dhan Guide by Shadow Puppet


The only class that currently duel wield (equip 2 weapons) are humans.

As an agility based Dhan it is better to use fast weapons, as more hits = more chance to land a crit.

Katars and Daggers both have the fastest attack speed of any weapon. An attack speed of 700, or 1 attack per second.


The maximum critical increase without Cash Shop that can be added to a weapon is 7%.
(1-2% crit Rare +1-2% crit rare +1-2% crit orb +1% crit orb = 7% crit unique)

The maximum critical increase with Cash Shop that can be added to a weapon is 11%.
(1-3% crit Rare +1-3% crit rare +1-3% crit orb +1-2% crit orb = 11% crit unique)

Critical increase orbs can not be used in armor, only weapons.

The base crit rate of a weapon is somewhere between 5-7%

All weapons have the same base critical strike rate.

A critical hit can Miss.

A critical psychic phantom will never be modified by deadly blow, with or without Psychic Crow.

Mortal Rising only increases critical chance of normal melee attacks not skills.

The skill Sudden Attack does receive the critical damage bonus from Deadly Blow if it crits. (Confirmed)

The skill Boost does not affect the critical hit chance of skills.

The chance for a skill to critical hit is much lower then base crit chance, and is not affected by any % Critical increase.


In US Rohan many skills have false tooltips then what they actually do (changes are in bold) these include:

Mana Burn
Rank 1: Stun Duration is 3 seconds. (1)
Rank 2: Stun Duration is 3.5 seconds.(1.5)
Rank 3: Stun Duration is 4 seconds.(2)
Rank 4: Stun Duration is 4.5 seconds.(2.5)
Rank 5: Stun Duration is 5 seconds.(3)

Deadly Blow
Rank 5: 400% Agility (420%)


Rank 1: Disables your target’s skills. Lasts 9 secs. (10) Cooldown: 15 Minutes
Rank 2: Disables your target’s skills. Lasts 10 secs. (15) Cooldown: 10 Minutes
Rank 3: Disables your target’s skills. Lasts 11 secs. (20) Cooldown: 5 Minutes
Rank 4: Disables your target’s skills. Lasts 12 secs. (25) Cooldown: 2.5 Minutes
Rank 5: Disables your target’s skills. Lasts 13 secs. (30) Cooldown: 2 Minutes


The skill Invenom currently has a number of issues with it, such as not displayed in the combat text, not doing the listed periodic damage, not having a venom or poison element to apply resistance to.

On a critical attack against an equal level mob Invenom gives a damage bonus of 40-50% of your damage listed. This is most likely modified by Physical defense in some way. (not sure on exact values)

Invenom only applies to normal attacks, not skills.

Activating Invenom will cause you to exit stealth, however deactivating Invenom will not.


It is believed that before level 50, 50 Dex is required to never miss on mobs. (Needs confirmation, Should it not be an accuracy value we must reach instead of a dex value.)

Percentage based stat modifiers always around down.
Example: If a player has 19 Agility base and is given a 15% agi buff his agility will be displayed as 21, not 22. (1.15*19 = 21.85)

Agility does not give evasion at a constant value, the formula for evasion is:
Rounded Down (Your Level Plus Your Agility Multiplied by 1.19).

Dhan Builds

The most common and effective builds are:
Agility based builds (4agi or 3agi/1vit)
Strength based builds (3Str/1vit)
Hybrid/Assault based Builds (2Str/2Agi)

3 Agi/ 1 Vit PVP based build


5 Deadly Blow
5 Boost
5 Invenom
5 Hide
5 Mortal Rising
5 Avoid
5 Mana Burn
5 Confusion Pouch
5 Silence
1 Sudden Attack(Or Mirror Shield, pure filler)
1 Sprint

Total: 47
Remaining Points: 2

The remaining points can be placed in either Quickness or Parry, you can also remove 1-4 Points from confusion pouch to place in these skills as well, I prefer a 20 second Crowd Control with a 60 second coolodown myself, but if you are lacking on accuracy or want even more evasion its personal preference really.

How the build works.

All your damage in this build is based off of crits, as such maximizing your crit chance is your highest priority. This build Is designed specifically for pvp. With a 2 minute cooldown silence, 20 second “disorient” effect, 5 second stun, and max rank stealth, as well as a considerable amount of evasion from agility you will be a force to be reckoned with in PVP. This build has very good survivability with only slightly less dodge then a pure agi build, and tons of tricks to escape bad situations. You will fair very well against dekans, humans, and elves, but will have a hard time against archers, and mages. You will destroy str dhans, and stalemate against agi. Weapon damage is not important, and you should use a weapon based purely on stats. Linking your silence and mana burn at crucial moments is the key to victory.

3 Str/ 1 Vit PVE based build


5 Parry
5 Psychic Crow
5 Psychic Phantom
5 Deadly Blow
5 Boost
5 Invenom
5 Mana Burn
5 Sudden Attack
5 Mirror Shield
1 Sprint
1 Hide
1 Avoid
1 Quickness

Total: 49
Remaining Points: 0

Points can be moved out of Mirror Shield and into confusion pouch or silence for a more pvp oriented build, although a flat 15% dmg reflection up at all times is pretty nice.

How the build works.

This build is based off maximizing strength and your P attack, its pretty straight forward, you will have pitiful evasion compared to an Agi dhan, and will not be able to tank bosses effectively. On the plus your damage is very good and consistent, Psychic Phantom is your main damaging skill and combined with Psychic Crow will dish out damage similar to an AGI dhan crits every 8 seconds. This build is a great party DPS build, and can solo well, but you will need to use potions. This build is not recommended for pvp as your survivability is very low.

Mana can be an issue as between buffs skill spamming and Invenom your mana will run out quickly, you will need mana potions, and I strongly recommend getting a mana absorb modifier on your weapon as it will negate all mana and then some lost from Invenom.

That’s all for now, I will post more information as I come across it, keep in mind this is not 100% accurate and more testing needs to be done to confirm a lot of this. We are in open beta after all.

If you disagree with anything posted, or have information you would like to contribute feel free to respond here, (no flaming please).

Credit given to Aero’s Calculator for Skill descriptions and Evasion formula.

STR Dhan Avenger Build by Neoshadow

Well first of all, i tried both builds (agi and str).
I have to say that str dhans are a way better for pve, plus they are good in pvp (not soo good as an agi one, but still decent), dunno why people keeps arguing that they suck.
I seen str dhans full buffed by others that can 3hit Priest, Templar, Ranger, Agi Dhans, Dex guards, even some Warlocks, etc.

The only bad thing about str dhans is that you become dependent of everyone’s else buffs such as: Crazy Strenght, Rising might, Almighty, Mental Barrier, Alacrity blow, Nimble, protection, etc.

Its a really huge difference when you are full buffed and you go pvp/pve.


Mostly you have to go for 4/0 str/vit build. Also as flare said, dont get more than 50 Vit base and 40 Dex Base. You can have at lvl 60 the Wings of Solemnity Accesories wich gives you 15/15/15. Str/vit/Dex.

So fully buffed you can have like 180~200dex base and about 120~150 vit base. Depends on the lvl of buffs + your accesories. Its better if you have a str goggle/earrring and a vit one for a bit higher hp.

Not mentioning if you get all the lvl 7 str buffs… you can have more than 901~1130 Str at lvl 80.
(The currently Str that i have), Can reach over 6k Melee attack not incluiding empower or ad temper. (just lvl 7 buffs)

Dhan STR Avenger Skills

Yeah, there are so many skills wich makes confusing to everyone in which skill to spend points.

At lvl 50 you must have these skills:

-lvl 5 invenom (the dmg is about 40~50% of your main dmg added, so yeah, get it)
-lvl 5 hide (for afking in parties xD)
-lvl 1 Sprint
-lvl 5 Mortal Rising
-lvl 5 Physic phantom (max it to lvl 7 if you can because its you main dmg dealer)
-lvl 5 Quickness (up to you)
-lvl 5 Phantom Crow (YOU MUST MAX this skill to lvl 7, it gives you 65% crit dmg added to your PP and DPP)
-lvl 5 mana burn (the best dhan stun skill, get it lvl 6 if you are able to)
-lvl 5 Silence (max it to lvl 7 for a short cooldown time, pretty annoying for Rangers)
-lvl 1 Confusion (optional for pvp)
-lvl 1 Deadly blow (this is an all or nothing skill, if you want to max it, you must spend for lvl 7 skill stones for having a 20% extra str bonus, at lvl 1~6 it only gives you 10% str bonus, personally im not rich enough to afford much stones for only a 10% str bonus)

Lets Say now you are lvl 80 and you wanna know how to stat an str avenger.

Changes on the Dhan Assasin skill tree:

– lvl 5 Sprint (usefull for pvp)

Avenger Skill Tree:

– lvl 1 Free up
. lvl 5 Katar Mastery
– lvl 1 Rowel Spur
– lvl 2 Sealing Square (you dont need it more than lvl 2)
– lvl 5 hp burn (kinda sucky stun skill, it has only 3m range to cast it, so its hard to stun anyone due of the “You cannot attack this time bug)
– lvl 5 Strenght Trap (good trap for pve)
– lvl 5 Death Call (f*** yeah i love this skill, very usefull for pvp/pve)
– lvl 5 Polluting blood: OPTIONAL (usefull in pvp against Vit classes)
– lvl 5 Mind exchange ( get it lvl 6 only) Who doesn’t love this skill?
– lvl 5 Double Physic Phantom (get it lvl 6 or 7)

Skill Stone Order:

If you want to spend some skill stones, get these skills on the following order.
If you can afford for some lvl 7 its better, lets say you can only afford 4 lvl 7 skill stone per month.

You must get:

lvl 7 Phantom Crow
lvl 7 Silence
lvl 7 Mortal Rising
lvl 7 Physic phantom (coz its ur main dmg dealer)

lvl 6 skills: Lets say you got 10 lvl 6 skills, (incluiding those ones above)

You must get: Same relevant order.

lvl 6 Phantom Crow
lvl 6 Silence
lvl 6 Mortal Rising
lvl 6 Strenght Trap
lvl 6 Physic phantom
lvl 6 Death Call
lvl 6 Mana burn
lvl 6 Double Physic Phantom
lvl 6 Mind exchange
lvl 6 Katar Mastery
lvl 6 Sprint or Quickness (up to you, i’d rather having quickness)

Explanation of this build:

ITs really good for pvp/pve, you have a lot of things, high dmg dealing, etc.
The only problem of this build its the pvp against vit or high pdef classes, the dmg of ur PP gets nerfed a lot if you fight vs a vit Dragon Sage or a vit Defender. Oh well you have Mana burn + Mind exchange to low their hp enough if you Succeed (50% chance at lvl 6)

Its really funny, can kill Mobs 8lvls higher than me, by just using a double physic phantom. With a physic phantom it does like 70% dmg of mob’s hp. Really good when u turn on the str trap :P


Yeah, since you must focus on what do you want to be, (i go mostly on pvp things) You must go for a Damage Drop option items and some hp/mp abs to regen a bit in pve.


Use a damn katar. at lvl 80 you must have a katar like this for pvp:

Walker Shadow Bane / Agony of Tei katar (for pvp)

40%+ Melee attack
35%+ Damage Drop

Its a really nice katar, if you can max it, would be even better.

Walker Shadow Bane / Agony of Tei katar (for pve)

40%+ Melee Attack
10% hp/hp leech

If you are lucky, you will get 10% abs, really usefull for pve. Double PP do Over 20k Crits at lvl 7x, so you will recover 2k hp/mp for each DPP.

For example this:


Killing R3 Orc mobs at lvl 7x


Brave Dragon. Really usefull vs high pdef classes, the dmg dealt ignores defence, same as polluting blood. Good combo if you stack them both for pvp. Have to mention that katar are fast enough to use this pet.
The other pet i recomend you is the Honey Bear for pve mostly.


Str Avengers are Really good against low pdef classes such as:

– Scouts
– Rangers
– Priests
– Templars
– Agi Dhans

You can 1shot most of them, specially Dex Scouts xD

Weak against:

– Vit Dragon Sages
– Vit Defenders
– Wizards (due of the Crit inmunity skill)

Average Vs:

– Str/Dex guardians
– Str Defenders
– Str Dragon Knights
– Str Scouts.
– Warlocks

Some pvp damage:


There is also a movie wich explains better the performance of a Str Avenger in pvp/pve:

Movie made by myself btw =x

The Pvp combo skill order depends of you gamestyle.
You will notice the dmg of the brave dragon pet per each normal hit. There is a chance to do that dmg, i tested it and its like 10~15% chance ( my Opinion).

Okay, hope that this little guide helps.

I might add some things later.


Author: Kiven
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24 thoughts on “Rohan Dhan Class Guides

  1. I just wanna know? y is it that avenger str skill build and a 3str/1 vit pve skill build is different? so if i want pve only do i still need to follow the avenger guide? plz help, i dun want pvp now, juz leveling up faster is my target? so what should i follow? tnx

  2. 5 Parry
    5 Psychic Crow
    5 Psychic Phantom

    its phantom crow? ryt? or just in Rohan Philippines?

  3. I’m wondering if I could replace mirror shield with avoid since deadly blow uses agi as its base damage multiplier?

  4. is it true that if u have a high dex you will have a higher chance of doing critical hitz?? nid heLp heRe

  5. higher dex = higher accuracy, bigger range damage
    higher agi = higher evade, higher damage crit

    correct me if i’m wrong :D

  6. which skill build should i do?????
    the first guide made by shadow puppet or the one made by neoshadow?

  7. Predator vs Avenger parehong agi type sino ba mas makakalamang.
    Predator diba dahin may convertion. At ano po ba ang mas maganda sa
    PvP Avenger or Predator.>>>>

  8. R U sure 3/1 str/vit??
    I don’t think so..
    coz 4 str is more “GOD” than 3str/1vit.
    Why not use vit? coz str r good for PDF..
    It’s my opinion.. Correct me if i’m wrong..

  9. anu bng dpat na skill kukunin kng pure agi dhan pang.pvp yung mdlas lumabas ung crit?nid help..plz..

  10. Anyone Have Any Opinion On this Build at LVL 99
    This Build is for Assault Dhans Avenger Class:

    lvl 5: Invenom,Hide,Parry,PP,PC,Quick,Sudden Attact,Avoid,Boost,DB,Silence,Mana Burn,Blind attack/Katar Mastery,Seal,Health Burn,Death Call,Mind Exchange,Polluting Blood,DPP

  11. I forgot to put the item requirements,it requires the items of str type Dhans….
    I all is done, try get fully buffed(buffs like RM,CS,Almighty and etc…)….. you’ll see that your str is almost the same as your Agi… and if your rich try to enhance the skill’s to lvl 7

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