Naruto Manga 444


Naruto and Nagato finally come face to face in the latest manga issue of Naruto! Summary (SPOILERS) after the jump.

Naruto trembles in anger as he really wants to kill Nagato, whle Nagato taunts Naruto on what he plans to do next. Nagato tries to control Naruto using his chakra at close range but Naruto manages to keep free of his clutches while in Hermit form and a bit of the Nine Tails chakra protecting him.

Naruto rushes forward toward Nagato, all while thinking about what Jiraiya told him about the cruel cycle and how he hoped one day people would come to understand one another. But Naruto stopped short of hitting Naruto and asks him what is his source of his pain as he wanted to understand.

Nagato explains his source of pain to Naruto starting with the death of his parents when Amagakure was a battlefield in the old war. His parents were mistakenly killed by Konoha’s ninjas as a boy.

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Thus ends Naruto Issue 444.

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