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I’ve been following Naruto for about 8 or more years now. Back then, I would patiently read every naruto issue scans on an old reliable IBM Thinkpad R30. It’s amazing how the Naruto manga is already in its 400+ issue and that the franchise still going strong.

Naruto issue 440 starts with Naruto having a discussion with the 4th Hokage about the nine tails demon sealed within him. After Pain attacked Konoha in the previous issues, events led to the appearance of all but one of the demon fox’s tails.

SPOILER ALERT: Naruto 440 summary after the jump.

Read the scanned Naruto 440 issue over at ONEMANGA

The 4th Hokage reveals himself to be Naruto’s father and says that he sealed half of the nine tails’ chakra inside his body as he believes someone powerful was behind the attack of the kyuubi 16 years ago on konoha. You might have figured out by this time that that ninja was none other than the founder of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Madara, who is still alive and pulling the strings from behind a mask.

The 4th says to Naruto that he believes that while there is love, there will always be hatred. This dichotomy of things spawns such personalities such as Pain, according to the 4th. He then says that even if he and Jiraiya wasnt able to stop this cruel cycle, he believes that Naruto can find the solution.

The Manga ends with the Fourth reinforcing the seals on Naruto for the last time. This leads to the disappearance of the 8 tails on Naruto and changing back to his normal Sage persona.

I cant wait for Naruto 441!

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