The Death of Print: Gaming Magazines

Some people think print media is dying. The only question is how long it’ll hold out. Here are some of Future Publishing’s latest British circulation numbers that support this trend.

With Ziff Davis out of the picture, Future is now considered to be numero uno in video game magazine publishing. And based on their latest circulation figures, things arent looking too great.

Update: Future lashes out at publishing rival

There are at least 3 gaming magazines in the Philippines right now with Game!, Playground and GameX competing for readership. The reason they survive? my opinion is they manage to survive due to the local online game publishers. I think console game ad revenue is close to zero, with Singapore based publishers the only ones in the region who has put ads in these mags.

* Edge – 31,304 to 28,898
* GamesMaster – 51,389 to 40,940
* OPM – 46,018 to 53,644
* PSW – 21,826 to 24,118
* ONM – 58,754 to 58,795
* OXM – 66,894 to 63,908
* Xbox World 360 – 31,698 to 31,030
* PSM3 – 26,885 to 26,202
* PC Gamer – 38,654 to 32,619
* PC Zone – 22,297 to 19,023

Thanks Kotaku

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