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God of War 3 was previewed by IGN and here’s what they know so far: God of War III picks up directly where God of War II left off, Kratos rides Gaia as she and her fellow titans climb Mount Olympus to bring the fight to the gods. The Ghost of Sparta’s need for revenge will cause him to stop at nothing to seek the death of Zeus and the gods that done him wrong. Kratos’ goal will rekindle the old war between the Gods and the Titans, known in classic mythology as the Titanomachy.

God of War 3 : Fear Nothing Trailer after the jump.

God of War 3 : Fear Nothing Trailer

The re-ignition of the war is the backdrop of God of War III and will constantly surround Kratos as he moves throughout the entire game. Asmussen pointed out that there would be moments when he might be fighting on the arms and shoulders of Gaia with other Titans next to him against hordes of soldiers. At other moments, he’d be handling a puzzle or exploring part of Olympus, while battles between gods and Titans would rage in the background. The effects from the battles of these divine beings will swirl and cross the land that Kratos will navigate, so the fog of war will be rocked with smoke, ash, fire, explosions and other debris from these conflicts. “The best way that I can describe it is take D-Day, the Battle at Normandy, combine it with the movie Cloverfield, and put Kratos smack dab in the middle of it,” Asmussen said.

Read the full God of War 3 preview by IGN here

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