Western Digital Mybook Essentials 1TB Review

I recently bought Western Digital’s Mybook Essentials 1 Terabyte external hdd to complement my “old” 500GB Seagate Freeagent Pro. I read the reviews and benchmarks and decided to get a WD product this time and see how the Mybook line of external storage drives look and perform.


Size: The WD Mybook, compared to the Seagate Freeagent Pro, is a bit shorter but a tad thicker and really does resemble a thick hardbound book on your shelf. The footprint is almost the same although the shape of the WD Mybook is more uniform than the FreeAgent Pro which has a protruding base.

Performance: I didnt benchmark the WD Mybook but for my archival purposes, the “slow” USB 2.0 fit my current needs. The 1TB is an enormous amount of harddrive space and unless you need to be moving huge files in and out of the disk quickly then get the Essentials version.

Price: Just a couple of months after buying my 500GB, the 1TB MyBook was priced around 40-50usd less than seagate’s offering. Double the size for lack of firewire and a discount seemed fine with me.

Want to buy your own Western Digital Mybook 1TB? I suggest taking a look at such sites as TipidPC or your local supplier for good deals on this good storage drive.

Author: Kiven
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