NTC requires license for Pinoy online content creators

The Philippine Government is looking to require content licenses for people who create content online. If you blog, write a comment, post pictures on Facebook and Flickr, publish online games, upload ringtones, or any similar activity then you MAY be covered by the broad definition of “contents developers” found in this NTC document. Curiously, the ntc document is also entitled “electronicgames.html“.


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A PUBLIC hearing is set for today at the NTC Executive Conference Room, 3rd Floor, NTC Bldg., BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City.

A commenter left his/her analysis of the draft documents here. I’m really hoping they define which industries and whether individuals will be affected if and when this is approved.

It costs 6,000 pesos to get a license. What do you think?

Mike Abundo also wrote about this content license BS saying : “This is the most unenforceable proposal I have ever seen. What are they going to do, require five million Filipino Friendster users to get a license before posting pictures? This proposal clearly comes from the outdated mindset that only corporations can develop content.:”

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39 thoughts on “NTC requires license for Pinoy online content creators

  1. Yes, especially when people go there to complain when the circular does not concern them. I hope someone pwns them hard.

    Read the circular draft via Google Cache, since the NTC site is down:

  2. I hoping it only applies to telecom as they still need to really define the scope of this. maybe the hearing later will resolve this. or maybe maging comedy lang sya as Mike is saying…

  3. @lette – yes, it appears to be so although i want to make sure if we as individuals are covered by this. Will update everyone later =)

  4. From what I understand of the text, the license will be required only if the content is posted for profit. When the posting/content is not fee-based, then the licensing requirement should not apply.

    This in itself poses problems. How will the NTC regulate sites based abroad that post content for profit? Using the text of the proposed regulation, it should apply only for sites based in the Philippines.

    Lugi nanaman ang Pilipino.

  5. Crap crap crap! Pinoy will look like a laughing-stock if this “bill / law / requirement” pass! I can get free account / unlimited upload space on social network sites but I need to get license to upload content? Huh?!!! Come on, they (NTC people) can think of a better things to do than this.

  6. Bloggers should watch out for this and monitor the progress of the specific laws. The Government should know that bloggers have rights as they pay taxes from their blog earnings the same way as any other regular tax payers.

  7. *powers up Anchor Free and whole slew of VPN’s, uploads photos to US server.*

    The end.

  8. its about telecoms. In short cellphones.

    Its not even a law… its just a memorandum circular. The law which its actually based on is centered more on telecoms.

    Nothing to do with blogs. Unless you happen to blog through your cellphone

  9. This is clearly unenforceable as it would go against our constitution. This violates our freedom of speech and other bill of rights. Not to worry, everyone! :)

  10. Clearly, this country is being ran by stupid illiterate bastards who only focuses on making money the primitive way. “If you can’t join them, beat them.”. Philippine government people are too f’ing OOOOLDDD for these kinda stuff. “PLERRRRK?! PLENDSTAR?! ANO UN?”

  11. this is crazy…well like all other laws and restrictions our gov’t trying to do all stoopid unenforceable stuff they are all just about the mileage media mileage and then after that nothing…

    how could they monitor online activities when they can’t even monitor where the government vehicle was used anyway stoopid…


  12. ang pagkakadinig ko sa iba tungkol dito ay para lang yan sa mga paid content developers. meaning yung mga professionals lang ang sakop nito.

  13. hi all,

    the new circular is likely only applicable to those who are in the business of providing content services. ntc’s regulatory authority, by law, is limited to regulation of those who provide services to the public for profit. so, no it does not apply to bloggers.

    but yes, like any state regulation of online businesses, it begs the question of regulating offshore entities whose online content services are accessible within the domestic state’s territory. it is typical that enforcement is limited only by feasibility. every other state does it, so why doesn’t the philippines, right? an ntc official once said that it doesn’t bother with offshore companies since enforcement is near impossible.

    hope this helps.


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