Windows 7 Faster than Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3?

We all know how poorly Windows Vista performs as compared to Windows XP but have you ever wondered how the early beta of Windows 7 stacks up against the two? Maybe Windows 7 has what it takes to make gamers upgrade….

ZDNet’s Hardware 2.0 guru Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, rose to the challenge and has put Windows 7 build 6956 up against Vista SP1, Vista RTM (the original and worst version), and Windows XP SP3 in three benchmarks: boot time performance, Passmark Performance Test 6.1, and Cinebench R10.

Not surprisingly, Windows Vista SP1 blew the doors off its RTM ancestor, but was similarly run off the road by Windows 7, which also made Windows XP SP3 eat its dust in virtually every test. The only test in which Windows XP SP3 held off its two-generation newer rival was in the OpenGL version of the Cinebench R10 benchmark. If this performance level continues until Windows 7 sees the light of day sometime next year, Windows 7 users will be very happy, and Windows XP diehards who have resisted “Mojave” will finally upgrade.

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  1. well..who knows…microsoft is a huge company….their good at press releasing … they can pay anyone… .Look at vista…All hype that’s all..

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