OMG Sacred 2 gets the torrent treatment

Looks like Sacred 2 has just gotten the torrent treatment by CloneDVD-WARG. Over 3000 leechers too. Sigh. Looks like the PC gaming scene is getting closer to being an MMORPG world dominated by Blizzard and/or EA. No wonder more developers are moving out of the PC game business.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “OMG Sacred 2 gets the torrent treatment

  1. No wonder you are a console fanboy, right?
    Do you know that in countries like Argentina, and the most Sudamerican countries the only consoles that are being sold are chipped?
    Do you knowthat in these countries console piracy is a fact?
    Do you know that in the last month ALL major 360 titles were pirated before release date?

  2. Hey Daiv,

    I dont own a console right now and am very much a loyal PC gamer. NBA 2k9, ROTK XI, etc are on my playlist right now and Sacred and Fallout 3 are next in line.

    My advice to you? Stop watching the piracy stats channel and do something more productive lest you get pwn3d again.

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