Hello Kitty Online Philippines

Level up! has announced Hello Kitty Online Philippines from Sanrio.

Hello Kitty Online – Basics Video

from Wiki:
Hello Kitty Online (acronymed as HKO) is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that tells the story of a hero (the player) helping Hello Kitty and her friends wake up from eternal slumber and defeat a “mysterious and malevolent power”. HKO was developed by Sanrio Digital, Typhoon Games and Dream Cortex.

Unlike most combat-oriented games, HKO focuses more on resource collecting and social interaction. Players can mingle and adventure in different locales based on (and named after) famous cities such as Beijing, Paris, London, Moscow and Tokyo; in addition, there are several wholly original and explorable areas.

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2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Online Philippines

  1. Kailan poh release ng HKO d2 sa Philippines?

    ang Cute kc xD..

    I’m so Excited to harvest and build a house … lol

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