Dragonball: Ossu! Kaette Kita Son Gokuu to Nakama-tachi!!

Dragonball is back with a new feature film called Ossu! Kaette Kita Son Gokuu to Nakama-tachi!! or translated as Heya! Son Goku and Friends Return!!. This DBZ movie premiered at the recent “Jump Super Anime Tour” in celebration of Jump’s 40th anniversary. It is also the first animated DragonBall feature in twelve years, following the tenth anniversary film.

Oh, If you want to meet Vegeta’s brother, then you should watch this. Summary after the jump.

It has been two years since Majin Buu was defeated and Satan has become a hero for defeating him. However, Videl remembers the truth of those events, and seems to be embarrassed about her father. A gigantic hotel is being built in Satan’s honor. Upon completion, Satan decides to throw a party for Goku and the others who fought with him. Meanwhile, Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan, and Goten have been making their living growing radishes. Videl soon arrives and asks Gohan to bring his family to the party. At first Goku doesn’t want to go, but he changes his mind once he hears there will be rare foods there.

Kame-sennin, No. 18, Krillin, etc, take off for the hotel and give Goku’s family a lift. Piccolo descides to not ride along, but rather flies after them on his own. The group from Capsule Corp. arrives at the hotel first, and when Vegeta and Goku see each other, they begin to fight. Goku realizes the party is starting, and heads off to the assembly hall. Apart from Goku’s family, Vegeta’s family, and Kame-sennin’s group, the crowd includes Dende, Mr. Popo, Karin-sama, Yajirobe, Yamcha, Oolong, Gyuumao, Kaio-sama, Bubbles, Gregory, Kibito-shin, and Elder Kaioshin.

Despite the fact that there’s supposed to be no media coverage of the party, members of the press appear and ask Satan questions about Buu’s defeat. While the “Z Senshi” are eating, two Saiya-jin style spaceships land on Earth. Piccolo and Gohan are the first to notice, then No. 18, and eventually everyone stops eating and the atmosphere becomes tense.

A sharp-eyed Saiya-jin and a small alien emerge from the two spaceships. Using his scouter to detect higher battle powers, the Saiya-jin soon arrives at the party. Upon seeing Vegeta, the Saiya-jin calls him “big brother”. The “Z Senshi” are all shocked by this sudden event. The Saiya-jin introduces himself as Table, along with his wife, Grey. Vegeta says that Table had been sent off to a remote planet because he had no talent for battle. Table begs our heroes to defeat Abo and Kado, who have ravished his planet and pursued him to Earth.

Goku says that if they’re strong, he’ll fight them, and Gohan wants to help as well. Goten and Trunks think it sounds interesting, Krillin and Yamcha say they want to try as well, and eventually even Kame-sennin wants to fight. Table measures their battle powers with his scouter, and says that they’ll be of no help since their battle powers are so low. Vegeta scolds Table for relying on his scouter, and as an example, Goku begins to gather ki. The battle power reading on the scouter steadily increases. It soon breaks as Goku goes Super Saiya-jin and then Super Saiya-jin 2, and Table is amazed by Goku’s power. Goku thinks it will be unfair to if everybody fights the weaker guys, and suggests they select a single representative to fight.

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  1. When will it be released in Europe?? Man this is better news than the one where they said they made a Live Action film…

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