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From Nexon and Silver Potion comes Silent Plot 1 or SP1, a post World War 2 mystery thriller MMORPG, which is is set around the aftermath of World War 2 (1990). Among the character classes available are “Blader”, “Hitman”, “Quaker” and “Blaster”. I hope an english version is coming out soon.

Silent Plot 1’s quest systems have special scenario theme in them, and there is also the unique “Phone Booth Quest System” where you can call up the Quest NPC and receive your quests. Monsters and maps involves around fantasy and zombie type of theme(Silent Hill, Resident Evil) and a few industrial and city/town settings.

Setting wise, Dont expect this to be like any other MMORPG on the market as it will feel more urban and detective like than the traditional fantasy MMOs available.

Silent Plot 1 Information Sheet after the jump.

SP1 Character creation Video Female

Silent Plot – Gusfelt City Environment – MMORPG

website: or <--- use IE or IE Tab game type: 3D Thriller Horror MMORPG. english version?: not comfrimed, but the chance of it seens high. Official Videos: Prologue Video: Chapter 1 Video: Gameplay Trailer: English Teaser: noob Blader gameplay video: Blader gameplay video: Hitman(Gunner) gameplay video: Hitman(Gunner) gameplay 2: Blaster(heavy gunner) gameplay video: Party gameplay: Phone Booth Quest System: Screaming...: (**Turn up your PC Speaker Volume for full effect**) Who let the Dogs out?: Boss fighting 1: Boss fighting 2: Boss fighting 3: End of Close Beta 1 Part 1: End of Close Beta 1 Part 2: SP1 Video Silent Plot 1 Download.

Information from the Onrpg boards.

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