Panasonic Lumix FX33


I just got this Panasonic Lumix FX33 digital camera courtesy of JC. It is a nice compact 8.1 megapixel camera that gives you very digital good photos without messing around too much with the settings. It also has an intelligent auto mode and 3.6x digital zoom, not to mention great video capturing abilities. Check out some of my sample photos taken with the Panasonic Lumix FX33:

foodphoto1.jpg conanphoto1.jpg conanphoto2.jpg

While the Panasonic Lumix FX33 is a very good point and shoot camera, it obviously still aint comparable to DSLRs. Inherent point and shoot digital camera problems such as noise in high ISO settings and minimal tweaking options limit the FX33. I’m a happy camper though as its cheap price (approx $250 USD with an included 2GB SD card), ease of use and comparably good picture quality makes this a worthwhile purchase.

Author: Kiven
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  1. Wow!! nice cam i wonder what its price here, hmm ill check locally, may be they have that one…

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