Dell Philippines to launch soon?

Word on the street is that US PC manufacturer/distributor Dell will be launching its consumer products here in the Philippines. I, for one, am excited by this news as (unlikely as it may sound) we might get those Dell gaming desktops and XPS laptops for a bit cheaper. Or those gorgeous LCD monitors such as the Dell 2408WFP. But they may only target corporate channels so this may be irrelevant to local PC enthusiasts.

Update: I got a media advisory saying pretty much the same thing: Dell is indeed here in the Philippines, joining the ranks of Acer, Lenovo and HP-Compaq.


The long wait is finally over! Dell will officially welcome the arrival of its award winning consumer brands here in the Philippines. And we want you to be part of this momentous event. Dell has been recognized as a global leader popular for producing a range of notebooks and desktops targeted to the corporate market. The announcement of its entry of its consumer brands in the local market is just an indication that Dell indeed listens to its customers.

The launch of Dell’s consumer range of products will be a visual feast of entertainment personifying the characteristics of these Dell brands.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “Dell Philippines to launch soon?

  1. “But they may only target corporate channels”

    It’s a sad thing if Dell would only target corporate channels. Dell XPS products are so gorgeous! I want one!

  2. i think Dell presence was already here in Manila for years channeling through our local dealers, for instance all our PC in the office are Dell products that bought from a Dell sales person locally.

    If Dell Philippines will be officially launched, i would be a very happy man. hehehe. Been eying also the 2408WFP since last year pa ;)


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