Soma Bringer – Diablo on your DS?

From Nintendo and Xenosaga developer Monolith Software (finally, we see the fruit of Nintendo’s acquisition!) probably comes the most deep and impressive roleplaying game for the Nintendo DS. If you are an action RPG fan, you will want Nintendo to release Soma Bringer Worldwide.
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IGN says: “For those with fond memories of Diablo on PC, or for anyone that gets a charge out of Square Enix’s new take on the Mana series or Crystal Chronicles DS, Soma Bringer is simply a no-brainer. Japanese magazines such as Famitsu have already reviewed the game, and report that it brings back memories of dungeon crawling and hack-n-slash combat from Blizzard’s masterpiece series, and we’re experiencing the exact same feeling here at IGN. Soma Bringer has a basic story, but its depth and customization in the world of action RPGs is – from what we’ve played thus far – simply unrivaled.”

Soma Bringer Video Trailer after the jump.

Soma Bringer Video

Soma Bringer is based in the world of Barnea, where Soma – “magic flow” – is the source of all tranquility and power. The story picks up when a disturbance of “visiting” creatures erupts within the lands and you as the player are recruited as part of an anti-monster military unit called Pharzuph Division 7. You’ll begin the game by selecting from one of six main classes, chose a weapon proficiency, and begin tweaking your stats to individualize your experience. You’ll hop into a prologue that teaches you everything from weapon usage to item gathering, chest searching, class advantages, and teamwork attacks. With little more than a few in-game tutorials, you’re on your way to a full-fledged action RPG on DS.

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