Did EYO Sales just @#$% up my PS2?

I decided to go to EYO in Greenhills to get my ps2 cleaned. It works just fine except it was slowing down reading in certain discs especially during cutscenes. So off i went to their Shoppesville shop for the cleaning. They opened it up, flicked some dust around but they said the original lens was flawless so it didnt need any cleaning. They even marveled at the original lens because it ran their test disc fine even if it was heavily scratched. End of story? Hardly.

Imagine my surprise when i brought my PS2 home for testing and it was unable to play ANY discs. Not a single one. I went to EYO Sales in Greenhills because of their reputation and as a repeat customer. I regret going there now as my ps2 is useless. I have been hearing complaints about EYO but these were mostly about rude attendants but not like this. I’m frustrated because i went to them because i trusted them and they basically #$%^ up my Playstation 2.

Sorry Eric, I wont be buying from your shop ever again. Nor will i refer you to my friends. Guess ill need to get another unit in order to finish Persona 3. Dammit.

Author: Kiven
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6 thoughts on “Did EYO Sales just @#$% up my PS2?

  1. i agree with you, when i repaired my ps2 for the first time (the same problem as yours), they said it just needed some cleaning, so after a week, it won’t read anymore any cd, so i had to go there again, and ask them to repair it, they said i had to change the lens, and being desperate that time, i had to cash in almost 5.5k for a brand new lens (it was that expensive 5 years ago), and after 4 months or so, the same problem occured, and i needed to change the lens again, THE f*ck, i had to cash in another 5.5k, and after 6 months, it won’t play anymore, and now it just a dust collector in my room, damn my friend’s ps2 is almost 6-7 years, and still,all his parts are genuine. i think eyo during are replacing some hardware with cheap-ass parts instead of those original parts..hayz

  2. dude same experience … bought a lens which cost me 5k after 4months the “5k lens is busted ” & they told me to purchase a new lens again?


  3. I didn’t notice until I found this blog. Now I know why my ps2 can’t read some discs and have problems with others… anyone knows where I can have it fixed without being f*cked up.

  4. Look for the owner. Coz’ their attendants are useless. I ask the owner to do all the tweaking in all my consoles that i have them clean/upgrade/service. My ps2 is working fine and so does my psp n Wii. Just ask for Eric and tell him your problem.

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