Xenos: RF Online Philippines’ new server

A new dawn approaches as RF Online, in preparation for the upcoming release of its latest episode Crimson Dawn, will be opening a new server called Xenos! Over the past year, the Giga series of RF online updates saw advancements in items and equipments amongst various other changes that were indeed a welcome sight to its dedicated players.

Now with Xenos, the new server welcomes both new and old players alike to a fresh beginning in the already wonderfully diverse world of RF Online!

Once again, everyone will be on equal footing and new players need not be intimidated from long time high leveled players anymore. Older and more experienced players can hone their skills and builds even more as they once again journey through the adventure of leveling their characters.

Explore rich new lands, battle mobs of monsters, and prepare for more challenges during chip wars. Xenos offers everyone a new place to level up in preparation for the coming Crimson Dawn!

RF ONLINE PHILIPPINES WEBSITE: http://risingforce.levelupgames.ph

See you there!

Author: Kiven
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