Pangya Philippines to Close January 25, 2008


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To Our Beloved Pangsters,


It is with deep pleasure that we wish to express our gratitude to you guys for sticking with Pangya Ph all this time. You, our community, have journeyed with us through thick and thin for 2 years, and we couldn’t have asked for a better community of players.

We here at Level Up! and Pangya Ph are blessed with a strong and solid community of avid Pangsters!

Pangya Ph has been a pioneer of numerous things in the casual gaming scene and we attribute each success and milestone to the people behind the game, especially the Game managers, Community managers and Brand managers that have come and gone to assume the huge task of operating Pangya Ph. Of course, all our efforts would be wasted if we didn’t have a community to keep us alive, happy and whole.

But, as you all know, we have encountered numerous changes lately, not least of which was the merger between Netgames and Level Up! together under ePLDT. Along with this recent development, our company will dedicate itself to continued evolution, ushering in changes and developments to better serve our gaming community and our partners.

Our management has decided not to renew the contract for Pangya, which ends on January 25, 2008. This ends our wonderful partnership with Hanbitsoft and Ntreev our developers from Korea, and unfortunately access to the game we have all come to love and hold dear to our hearts, Pangya Ph.

It pains the Pangya Ph team to see our game come to a close, especially with the kind of community we have. However, with every setting sun, comes a new dawn. We see this as an opportunity for you, our dear community, to explore the other games that Level Up! has to offer. Rest assured that we will properly compensate the remaining in game currency you have as you make that leap to your next Level Up! game.

Before we officially say goodbye, let us first look back at the accomplishments Pangya Ph has made in the past years.

We battled it out to get that elusive Hole-in-one with our astonishing 1 million peso hole in one challenge, and we were absolutely mesmerized how quickly Pinoys got the hang of the HiO!

We went to Italy to represent Pangya Philippines in the World Cyber Games, the first ever online game tournament of its kind and proved that we got game!

We ventured into advergaming with the PLDT My DSL POWERSHOT which opened the realm of online gaming to advertising. We launched Pangya Season 2 last December 2006, as we took Pangya to the next level!

Finally, we battled our hearts out in the virtual golf course to determine who was the best Pangster in the land in the Pangya Philippine Tour 2007 which climaxed at the Level Up! Live 2007: Logged and Loaded event!

Overall, it was a wild ride, and it was all good! We enjoyed the ride with every single Pangster out there who took the game to heart.

All these memories, all these accomplishments made Pangya Ph what it is now, and this is what we will bring along with us as we move on – we bring the good memories with us, and we hope you do too.

There is nothing to feel glum about because we know there are other Level Up! games that await you. New brave worlds to explore with the Pangster spirit we all know you posses!

So as we begin our farewell this January, we look forward to seeing you in other Level Up! worlds (FlyFF, RF, Perfect World, Freestyle, Ragnarok, Khan) as we start a new journey with all of you.

Just remember to bring the good times we’ve had in Pangya Ph to your next game. Also, bring that same spunk and passion that made us a solid community and show them the undying spirit of the true Pangster that made Pangya a wonderful world to be in.

As a parting gift, we switch on our 2x exp and pang event for the entire month of January!

As we say goodbye, we hope to once again say hello, because here at Level Up!, we are just one big community – growing, developing and surviving – in our everyday encounters within our online worlds as we LEVEL UP!

Sincerely yours,
The Pangya Ph Team

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. For more Play to Earn gaming news, Add me on Twitter: @Kiven and Like my Page on Facebook:

20 thoughts on “Pangya Philippines to Close January 25, 2008

  1. ano ba to? T_T kung kelan gumastos na ko ng malaki at kakasimula ko lang, tsaka pa nawala ung pangya.. sayang ung gastos ko.. di ko man lang naenjoy, hayz

  2. Damn. Wala man lang kahit anong compensation sa mga gastos. Di bale sana kung di money ang ginamit. Tsk tsk tsk.

  3. haha, this is really funny. grabeh, kung kelan ko ginustong maglaro ng pangya saka pa nawala… grabeh! the irony of life nga naman,. >.<

  4. Sayang naman,ang tagal ko dinownload ung pangya tapos ganun lang (ToT)….
    nakakapanghinayang hayy…Lalaro na nga lang ako FREESTYLE ^^.

  5. Hello po kapatid po ako ni alvin
    nakakapanlambot naman na mag shut down na ung pangya sa january…
    ang hirap kaya yayain si kuya maglaro nito tapos ganun lang?
    saka panu na ung ginastos ko sa cafe? mababaliwala na lang ba un?!

    inis na inis bat pa kayo nag close masaya na sana ako kapag nag season 3 na kayo pero hindi tuloy na tuloy talaga ang pag alis ng PANGYA PH amfufufufuu….
    paano na lng ung mga gastos namin over 1k ang nagastos ko ><

  7. It didnt even reached season 3 and its going out already? I had met a lot of new friends in Pangya. I think its the best game I played because I found new friends from my own place across the country.

  8. Ako nga maglalaro na sana ulit wala na pala. Nasayang Oras at effort sa HIO practice at chip in. Sayang pera naipon ko card ng netgames nkaka 5200 ako sa pangya!!

  9. As part of the pioneer players of Pangya and a GM…I feel really sad…It’s been sooo long since I last played this game because I got too busy with work.

    Kung kelan namang free na ako and ready to play and meet my old friends again…I see this news…How ironic.

    Personally…this is really the best game ever. A game where you can just play casually and be in a friendly competition.

    It’s really such a waste

  10. weeeeee sarado na pala ang pangya buti after ng nanalo ako ng 3k++ php sa hole in challenge never na ako nag load hahahahah kumita pa ako sa pangya hahahah ty pangya salamat sa pera na napanalunan ko sa HOLE IN ONE CHALLENGE PROMO nyo before

  11. hayss…syng nmn huhuh.. d q mlilimutan ung mga laro ko dati every HIO nd every Chip-in na nagagawa q sabawat hole grabe wlang katumbas ang feeling na ndadama ko..ang masasabi q lang THANK YOU!(Smile) thnx sa lahat ng good memories and especialy sa mga naging friends q..(vylen) d lang sana tau sa game mka HIO kundi sa tunay na buhay din HIO sa pangarap keep it up guys!!

  12. sayang! 5 months n me di nkakalaro ng pangya..tpos nung subukan kong mglaro ulit ngclose n pla!
    i enjoy playing p nman…sa computer n nga lng ako nkakalaro ng golf eh..
    i wish sana bumalik ulit ang pangya! ganda p nman ng char koh
    wish u all the best guys

  13. haysss isa toh sa mga magagandang laro n nilaro ko….

    even n nawala n lng itoh ndi ako nanghihinayang kc

    naging masaya nmn ako sa paglalaro


    tnx pangya team you bring this game

    here at the phil

  14. wooooot wooooo… sayang namn talga bat nagclose ang pangya, tagal ko na rin hindi naglalaro… pinapilot ko pa nga muna char ko ehh kasi nag-iipon ako ng pera para pambili sana sa season 3 na char…huhuhu tapos pagbalik ko wala na pala ang pangya… how sad(cry)…. anyways… thnx sa experience at enjoy ako sa paglalaro ng game… sana nga ibalik ang pangya…^_^

  15. Waaaaaaaaa…
    Y? GM Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met so many friends in playing pangya (-_-)
    Naubos ko lang ang pera ko sa paglalaro. And why you betray all pangsters.
    Since I wait to get a new computer and dsl just play this game but sadly to late(ToT).


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