Macbook Air – Thin Useless Pricey Laptop

Macbook Air – Thin Useless Pricey Laptop


This discussion actually happened in some computer store lol.

Macbook Air: Look at me, folks. Im Macbook Air! Im ultra-thin but my screen is 13 hilarious inches! i have ONE usb port and ONE DVI port, NO WIRED LAN CONNECTION, and no disc drive too. all this for 1799 us frickin’ dollars.

Asus Eee PC – Doh. i cost much much less and perform the same functions as you. Plus i dont need to bring the whole PC peripheral gang along because im actually an ultraportable laptop. You might be sexier and geeks with money will buy yaou regardless of your actual value but what’s the point?

From CrunchGear

The MacBook Air is not a subnotebook. The Eee and Everex, and Redfly are subnotebooks. They are tiny, basic, and are designed from the ground up to be micro-sized and limited. The Air is trying to be a regular notebook but failing – what Apple has done is take a regular notebook and flatten it (very well I might add), while simultaneously crippling it. Everything about it is a compromise except the width, and even the width doesn’t make it small; a real subnotebook is more than thin, it’s small in the other ways too. It may be thin, but with a 13.3-in. screen it’s not going in any cargo pockets. Look, it’s a sexy little thing but at that price it’s an atrocity and it is not a subnotebook or ultraportable. Sorry, but size, price, and hardware put it in budget laptop territory, and it’s simply not competitive there except in sex appeel. (Sexy lemon — get it)

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