Dragonball Fans, start weeping

Here are some early images of the Dragonball Movie set out in Mexico filming. Yes, that guy is supposed to be Son Goku. Weep with me, Dragonball fans…..

dbzmex1.jpg dbzmex2.jpg

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Author: Kiven
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3 thoughts on “Dragonball Fans, start weeping

  1. I don’t see what all the pissing and moaning is all about it is remarkable that they actually made it this far with a live action movie sure its super lame that the original creator isn’t a part of the film but its still dragonball! Are you kidding me! At this point the only way we will ever see a truely amazing live action movie is to support the ever loving shit out of this movie and hope that the people at fox are that there is actually money to be made by continuing this franchise!

  2. You dont know @#$% what you’re talking about.

    Support this #$%@? Are you saying we should also support all those Uwe Boll movies so that their producers can make money so they can simply continue the franchise?

    Im sorry, Akira Toriyama would be rolling in his grave if he were dead, but i guess he’s rolling in too much cash to even notice that his beloved series is being turned into a stupid live action movie.

  3. I’d say all you Dragonball fans stop weeping and start learning from the Japanese. Why not start a boycott against this movie in your community like them across the ocean who have started an international boycott movement.

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