Canon Announces Rebel XSi D-SLR aka EOS 450D

Canon has just unveiled a new digital SLR, the EOS Rebel XSi otherwise known as the Canon EOS 450D. This new camera replaces Canon’s current entry level class DSLR, the Rebel XTi, and includes several features that raise the bar for the sub-$1,000 D-SLR category.


The 12.2-megapixel Rebel XSi includes a 3-inch LCD reminiscent of consumer point and shoots, a live view feature previously only available in Canon’s premium Mark III series, and improved image quality via a new CMOS sensor.

The new sensor allows for enhanced ISO sensitivity up to 1,600. The Analog-to-Digital conversion process has also been upgraded a to a 14-bit A/D processor. That essentially means the camera can produce more accurate colors than previous models. At the heart of the XSi is the Digic III processor that is being included in all new Canon cameras.

Finally, Canon has decided it’s time to move to SD cards for the first time in an entry-level D-SLR. Forgoing the CF cards used in the XTi. the XSi now takes SD and SDHC cards. Shipping in April, the XSi can be had for $800 (body only) or as a kit with an EF-S 18-to-55-mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for $900.



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