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I’m pretty excited to finally bring you the news that a lot of you have been waiting for a long time. Wizards of the Coast is proud to announce the upcoming release of Magic Online III. Starting today, we’re going to begin a timer that will count down the days until MOL III launches. The counter is starting at 36 and will continue to progress until it reaches zero and MOL III is launched.

The timer will work very similar to the way the Space Shuttle countdowns work. The countdown will be in one of two stages:

“Counting” – Means the countdown is proceeding normally and days are ticking off in real time.
“Paused” – Means that the countdown is currently paused due to a complication that is being resolved.

When MOL III launches it will have the following features:

* Premier Events
* Drafts
* Casual Play
* Online Store

After launch, we plan to add:

* Leagues
* Multiplayer
* Redemption

It’s possible, over the next 36 or so days, that items in the second list end up making their way into the first list and being available for launch. On the other hand, everything in the first list will absolutely be ready at launch. After launch, our first priority will be to fix bugs and stability issues (of which I expect we’ll see some at launch), and then after that, we’ll focus on adding the second line.

As we prepare for the launch of MOL III we will be shortening the duration of leagues on version 2.5 to avoid a situation where a league is unable to finish due to the MOL III launch. So watch for these changes on 2.5 starting this week.

When the MOL III count down reaches 7, we will take down the 2.5 servers so we can start copying over the data to the new MOL III servers. This means that both MOL III and V 2.5 will down for about a week.


Mike “Gamer_Zer0” Lescault
Communities Manager
Wizards of the Coast

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