Appleseed: Deus ex Machina Remix Trailer Contest


I would like to announce a new Appleseed contest over at just in time for the new movie, In partnership with the online marketing guys over at It’s a trailer remix contest where you can cut scenes from Appleseed: Ex Machina into clips and apply different songs from the soundtrack to create a trailer. Visitors to the site vote on the best trailer, and the winner of the contest will get flown to San Francisco for WonderCon in February (worth $3000 USD).

If you got some mad video editing skillz, what are you waiting for? Join the Appleseed Deus Ex Machina Trailer Remix contest over at

Readers of this blog are encouraged to post their remixed trailers to get a chance to win an Appleseed Deus Ex Machina Japanese premier prize pack courtesy of Whats in the pack? It has a hardcover art book of the film that contains character designs, info on the CG process, and info on the creators and musicians; a CD of Hasymo, a Japanese band on the soundtrack; and a miniature Deunan keychain figure. Appleseed Phat L00t, w00t.

Appleseed: Deus ex Machina Trailer after the jump.

Author: Kiven
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