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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s casting news, it was learned that the forthcoming live-action DragonBall movie will be released next summer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Twentieth Century Fox have announced that the production will hit screens world wide on August 15, 2008.

Good Lord, this sounds as bad as those Uwe Boll flicks. Maybe WORSE! Somewhere Vegeta is not pleased…..

Stephen Chow, who directed the frenetic action-comedies Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, is set to produce, while Final Destination helmer James Wong will direct and has also re-written the original script by Ben Ramsey.

As previously reported, Justin Chatwin will star as the heroic Goku, whilst James “Spike from Buffy” Marsters will play the villainous daemon-king Piccolo.

ComingSoon.net also points out an article in the El Norte newspaper, which reports that the filmmakers plan to use the Mexiquillo Forest, Marley Ranch, Hacienda la Providencia, La Joya Ranch, Laguna Seca de Santiaguillo and a forum from a Convention Center in the Culture Institute as locations.

Additional shooting will take place in Estado De Mexico at the volcano Nevado de Toluca. Set construction reportedly begins this month, with filming to take place from January through March. Sources close to the studio confirm that production should be starting soon.

Source: IGN

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3 thoughts on “DragonBall Live Action Movie

  1. Vegeta just took a pill and died after reading this…

    Somehow I doubt the big, spiky hair and tails ain’t gonna cut it.

  2. Make sure that this movie will have full of excitement and action and good effects. i want it to be presentable and is worth my money. i’ll wait this movie on the time that they will show!!! good luck stephen chow!!!
    Go James Marsters!!! Go to hell Justin Chatwin!!!

  3. Stephen Chow’s not even involved. None of his ideas, some of which are really great, got accepted by Fox, and they’re just putting him on the staff list to cheat fans who think this is his production into the cinemas.

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