Nintendo cannot rest on its laurels

It has been a good year (or two or 3) for Nintendo. 2 hit platforms in the DS and Wii. Tons of games sold for both systems. But if there is one thing that Nintendo should watch out for, it’s arrogance. Just because they are once again on top of the gaming world with their blue ocean strategy doesn’t mean Sony and Microsoft are giving up. Case in point – According to the latest stats, the PSP overtook the DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS2 in sales last week, propelled by the newest handheld installment of the Final Fantasy series, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

A Final Fantasy VII spinoff propelling the PSP past the DS in Japan where Nintendo has a virtual stranglehold of the current generation and portable markets. Imagine what a full fledged Final Fantasy game can do.

Note to Nintendo: Do not underestimate what those Square Enix exclusives can do.

Another important note for Nintendo: Do not underestimate what Metal Gear Solid 4 can do.

Nintendo has been content to cater mainly to casual and non gamers that they have overlooked the core gamer. You think i’m being biased? Mention ONE hardcore game coming out for Nintendo’s Wii this holiday season.

I thought so.

Anyway, what i’m saying is Nintendo is falling into the same mindset that doomed it when the Playstation launched. No strong third party support. Arrogance about being the current “leader”.

If Nintendo doesn’t prepare for the inevitable time when the novelty of the DS and the Wii’s control functions fade, then they will be having problems again especially from Microsoft. Microsoft has deep pockets while Sony is struggling in its consumer electronics division. Sure, MS doesnt even made a dent into the crusty Japanese Market but something tells me that they will eventually find a way around that problem.

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo cannot rest on its laurels

  1. That’s right… Nintendo is a good starter but bad with maintaining its lead. Like with N64 that was overthrown by PSX… Like now with DS having lost its lead to the PSP slim (especially the FFVII CC ed).
    Microsoft is actually young with gaming, but is on a good start… but I can’t see them beating the two companies in a few years… Since PS3 is still trying to gain its name on the gaming world… and a lot of gamers say that the XBOX 360 is good, but not the thing that can be named as the “Next gen console”.
    Going to Sony… the good thing with it is its range of games (with what you said – No strong third party support for Nintendo, which is the opposite with Sony), all of its consoles are sure to have a wide variety of games (maybe not with PS3… YET…) and accessories – and that is what people like about them. Of course, the reason why you are buying a game console is for games, and a bit with the extras, and that’s where Sony gets its strength, you get a very long list of available games, and the console (most of all the PSP) has extras… Another is what you have pointed out, getting the interests of core gamers. The PlayStation name has spawned a lot of games that made game fanatics wait for the next title, even if it will mean having them buy the next console, like what the Metal Gear title has done (MGS1 on PSX, MGS2 and MGS3 on PS2, MGS PO, Acid and Acid 2 on PSP and MGS4 on PS3). Like Tekken 1-4, like Final Fantasy VII-to XIII, Gran Turismo and so on… And to tell you the truth, I’m one of those gamers. Seeing the price tag of the PS3 made me think twice… but after seeing the Metal Gear Solid Guns of the Patriots demo by Kojima, Maan!!! I’ll make sure I get one of them PS3’s when MGS4 comes out! Haha…

  2. Am sure Nintendo has some plans for this. With regards to numbers, we’ve seen how many casual gamers and non-gamers are. Although hard core gamers and titles are still “sure fire hits” (look what happened to Halo 3), the Wii and the DS want to spread the gospel of gaming to the non-gamers.

    Kinda what online game publishers want non-game brands to do.

    GM T

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