Solving the Stable Purification European Quest in Silkroad Online


Here is how to finish the European quest Stable Purification in Silkroad Online Europe (ignore the quirky english) :

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First talk to sunset witch located ontop of the lighthouse. She will then ask you to find holy water. This holy water will allow you to collect the 10 stable filths you will need.

Anyways, go back Constantinople and go to the cathedral. Talk to him and deliver the item that he gives to you. It to the Guild Boss Unventine you need to deliver it to, which is located near Military Camp.

You must now collect 30 horns from Dow Genatos. . Dows are located near Thunder Waterfall. (You will receive quite a lot of exp for this but might take a while +.+)

Now go back to boss and give it to him. You can now get holy waters from the boss. You will receive 10 but you only need 5 filths right? Well it isnt that easy.

First travel to the located spot near North West of Constantinople. Dont cross the bridge, it is just before the bridge. (-11500,2750) ESTIMATE ONLY!! (Above Golden Plains)

First kill the stable sentries (10), it will have a Q above their head, which menas ust for quests. After youve done that stay there and collect the filths by right clicking on the holy water. Some may dissapear, pure luck!

Now if you only recieve 4 filths you must go back to him to get more holy water. You can only right click near that located spot i told you before btw Razz Once you’ve done that go to the witch’s to recieve your reward. (Not that big)

And there you have it, the 1st witch quest all summed up. Once you do that one you can do the other linked ones! HAVE FUN! =.=

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11 thoughts on “Solving the Stable Purification European Quest in Silkroad Online

  1. currently the worst quest, waste of time. I got a 4 filths out of 20 holy waters. 4;20 fantastic ratio! When i was going to get my 3rd batch of holies, the guy said i needed to talk to him tomorrow. Awesome.

  2. well ,I’ve killed 40 or more still no stable there is nothing to grap;
    the 10 kills of the sertyns are noted in the log -but the stables- no way=((
    What now!!??

  3. I Really Need the help of you guys…I’ve done everything i ‘ve talked to everyone I’ve collected the 30 Dow geneto Horns and i’ve the holy water in my possession
    Now, Aflter all this I went to the stable But The Stable sentries aren’t there What am i doing wrong?! PLEASE HELP ME!!

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