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RF Online Philippines – The only true MMORPG locally published that has a futuristic setting, PVP battles, and robots/mecha will be giving gamers Free to Play access once Episode 2 launches on August 28, 2007. Cafe Owners and Local MMO Player better take a good look at this game especially if you haven’t played it before due to having a subscription fee.

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Here’s one interesting insight from a cafe owner’s perspective regarding our free to play games:

I am shop owner here in Paranaque… I have been reading lahat ng comments nila about RF going F2P. Actually ako kasama ako dun, pero sa ngayun, on the contrary, I noticed that everyone here are anticipating the Episode2.. why? because of the coming F2P of RF in August 28…Madami na daw silang babalik… Everyday, this has been the topic here, and im expecting that the coming Episode2 will once again dominate the world of MMORPG here in the Philippines.

If you could remember, the once failing internet cafe business was saved by the arrival of MMORPG especially Ragnarok Philippines by LevelUp games. No game has ever dominated pRO, there was always a comparison, mas cute ang graphics, mas maraming players, mas sikat, and so on and so on… then came RF Online… Most of the time, lahat ng naglalaro sa shop naming RF lang… Solid Graphics, better gameplay… yan ang feedback lagi dito… nakahanap na sila ng bagong game na kakaadikan… then nung ngkaron na ng bayad, lalo na’t mas mataas ang rates compared sa iba, most of them looked for another game, couple of them stayed… some have gone back playing pRO… since then, wala nang dominating game na nilalaro sa shop, halo halo na, sabog sabog, sa dami ba naman ng mga games na naglipana…

THEN, another company introduced the F2P system in MMORPG, actually I was hesitant to install it, ang pangit kasi ng graphics… (oops sori ,), syang lang effort ko sa paginstall, walang maglalaro nito, YUCK (oops sori ulit). Pero sige pagbigyan ang ahente, dami nilang mga abubot, poster at kung anu anong ka ekekan na bibigay sa amin eh, aba grasya din yun… To my SURPRISE, (totoo at alam nyo un), IT DOMINATED the shop, as in DOMINATED, taob lahat ng games., maski sa mga kabilang shops, para silang nagdive sa chipwar (hehehe). RAGASA… (no offense LU ha, pero ito talaga story dito sa shop namin), hmmm bakit kaya pumatok, Free dw kasi..simple as that, then I NOTICED, parang mas magastos ata ah, hmmm, pero patok pa din eh… di nila narerealize na mas magastos na nilalaro nila, ang swanget pa ng graphics… pero tuloy pa rin sila, kasi ang RF dw may bayad.. WAAAH… Pilit kong pinaparealize sa kanila na mas makakatipid sila sa RF mas maganda pa ang graphics at gameplay..

PERO, my bagong salta na namn, Tatluhan ang players… (ehem ehem) ang ganda ng graphics (pero no match pa din sa RF), at eto malupit, FREE din… so to cut the short story long, este long story short, KABOOM, nalusaw ang mga nglalaro ng mga @#$, syempre, etong bagong laro na to, maganda na graphics, Free pa, LUMIPAT sila… hmmmm

NGUNIT, datapwat, subalit, ang bida daw laging pabugbog sa una, sa huli, sya rin ang panalo. Nung dumating ang balita na F2P na RF, everone was excited, and I predict, with the coming of Episode 2, this is the game that will once again DOMINATE the world of MMORPG here in the Philippines.. Free parekoy, at ang graphics, unparalled…
Well, lets see na lang this AUG 28, I think this will be a WAR…

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Author: Kiven
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12 thoughts on “RF Online Philippines – Mecha, PVP and Free to Play

  1. Honestly this was one of he best local blogs about mmo’s and gaming in general but when you decided to partner up with a certain company… well somehow your rep has been to say the least uhmmm questionable just my opinion on things

  2. Thanks for your opinion. Although i would love to know exactly why my “rep” has been “questionable” as of late. hehe.

    All content on this blog is my opinion on things, if someone doesnt like what/how/why i write, they can always enter a new url in their browser.

  3. i am shop owner too d2 sa novaliches. lam mo pareho tau ng utak when it comes to games. yeah the best tong rf. ung ibang game, basura lang at pampadagdag ng memory ng mga hard disk ng computer ewww. ma uninstall nga kasi la naman nag lalaro (sorry nalang)

  4. finally it’s free to play.. now I have to try to find a way to make it run on my vista lappy…

    As what I’ve previously did for Freestyle online…

  5. pede po bang maibalik ung perang ninakaw sa guild sa amin!!ninakaw kasi un ng isa counsil nmn last day lng po alm ko more than 500m ata ang kinuha nya while wlang nakakaalm nlmn nlng nmn n kinuha n ung pera after na mag online kami ubos n ung ponds nmn sa account ng guild pede po ba ibalik un kasi need nmn un para sa sahod ng member nmn para sa pag kuha nmn ng UTS sa haram!!coven guild po ang name ng guild nmn cguro nmn alm nyo kung cno kumha ng ponds nmn while nasa ofline kaming lht!may record nmn cguro kyo ng bawat player n online ng ors na mawaln kami!tnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. para sa leader ng ARM n LOADED kupala kabang hindut ka kung gus2 mo mag pa counsil wag mo gamtn pngalan ko para sa botong makukuha mO!kung ako sayo aalis n ako sa RF gago wla kng mararating sa laro kung tanga ka!tang ina mo ka mag PVP nlng tayo para malamn ntn cno tlga humhawa sa mga cora nites ngayon!!!!kht umupo kng counsil wla ka pa din magagawa!!!!kht sabhin mo pang nasayo ang haram wla ka pa din sakin weekkkkkkkkkkkk ka lng tae ka hindut putang ina mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see u in games tae!!ppk kita tndaan mo yan ubusan tyo ng cp!

  7. @jenny222

    corites are IMBA … as we call ourselves … “IMABALANCE”

    specially for summoners … think of this … a lvl 48 cora with atk elems

    w/ lvl50 red isis … if ur a footie … or a bell …

    all i can suggest for you is … when ur already debuffed … offensive

    cancellation … (where all ur force buffs are washed away …) u shuld port out

    right away .. if ur not in battle mode yet … but if ur already stuck …

    try switching to shield … isis damage are blocked … while for dodgers

    it’s a hell out of a thing for an isis to miss … specially that dodge elems

    are not already percentage … ull have to depend to ur buts …

    the higher the mercy it have .. the higher dodge .. +eva … buffs of bells ..

    an accre can withstand a cora summoner … as long as he’s using

    ninaja pots … as my bro accre call it … haha .. its a pots bug …

    i dont wantto expose it that much … coz its a secret of ours … hehe

    Ohayou Dei! Chow!

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